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Research & Service Leadership Symposium

Creative Arts Application

Application Deadline:
Friday, March 19, 2021

Fill out the application below completely. ***All fields are required unless noted otherwise.***

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(Separate addresses with commas.)

This is a:


  • Explain the type of project it is.
  • Provide any relevant information about the inspiration for your project
  • Provide any relevant information about the type of impact you wish for your project to have.
  • Optional: Comment on the selection of materials or processes that you chose.


If you have them, include up to 3 images of your work. These are encouraged, but not required. (Select multiple files by holding down the 'Ctrl' key [Windows] or 'Command' key [Mac]. Note that the image file sizes in total must be under 20 MB or your application might be rejected.)


2. Identify the primary format of your presentation. Students can present their projects as either a live Zoom talk/demonstration about the creative art project; a live Zoom performance; or a recorded video presentation of the artwork, performance, demonstration, images, or creative process. See more information about each format.

3. Identify your preferred time to present your project. (Keep in mind the symposium is on a Thursday.):

Students will be presenting their work within one of the chosen time slots. For live musical or theatrical performances, we encourage you to select the evening time slot. Art projects (except live performances) will also be displayed when possible throughout the day through the online Symposium forum.

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Please contact us!

Allison Herman & Michael McCusker, RSL Symposium Coordinators