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Humanities Mellon Scholars

Why become a Humanities Mellon Scholar?


In a recent survey, more than 90 percent of employers said the capacity to think critically, communicate clearly and solve complex problems is more important than a job applicant's undergraduate major. Studying the humanities is a powerful way to develop these abilities.

When he introduced the iPad 2 in March 2011, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said of his company's success:

It is in Apple's DNA that technology alone is not enough — it's technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.

 Steve Jobs

No matter what major you choose, the Humanities Mellon Scholars Program will help you meet challenges and create opportunities.

A Certificate of Achievement in Humanities, combined with the experience gained through paid internships, will demonstrate that you have developed the intellectual and interpersonal skills that employers seek.

What is Humanities?

An Academic Discipline

The study of humanities is an academic discipline that draws on literature, music, art, architecture, history, philosophy and other forms of human expression to trace humanity's search for life's meaning.

Human History

Culture, Language, Religion,

And Love for others.

Karen Ann Quero & Dylan Tao 
Humanities Mellon Scholars, COhort '17

Courses That Investigate

Courses in the humanities investigate how artists and thinkers have grappled with the big questions — such as what it means to be human, what it means to be happy or what it means to live a good life. These classes can help you understand how the concepts of knowledge, reality, imagination and the nature of beauty contribute to a sense of the world and to human experiences.

Learning How to Live

Culture, Empathy, Art

Stories about Us

Leslie Ortiz, Luis Lechuga & Canaan Belete
Humanities Mellon Scholars, Cohort '18

Key to a Responsible Citizenry

The study of humanities is key to the development of informed global citizens who navigate the complexities of our modern world in a socially responsible manner and contribute wisely to society.

 Mellon Scholar Testimonials

This was probably one of my best decisions I made throughout my time at Foothill.  When I took HUMN 1, I gained so much knowledge. What I mean by this is not “intellect” knowledge, but knowledge of how to read, write, and most importantly support my arguments. I learned how to critically think, which was something that I was lacking as a Biochem major.

Fatima Irshad, HMS Cohort 18

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