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Institutional Research and Planning

Research Requests

In order to support a culture of evidence, inquiry, analysis, decision-making, and continuous improvement, Institutional Research hopes to be of service to Foothill College administrators, faculty, and staff. 

Criteria for External Research Requests

  • Please submit all requests as early as possible so that we can do all we can to assist you.
  • Unfortunately, due to limited staffing and time, it may not always be possible to process your request. 
  • You may be contacted after making your request so that we may ask questions for clarification and to ensure that we understand the request being made.

Prioritization of Research Requests

All research requests are reviewed by the Vice President of Instruction and Institutional Research and the Director of Institutional Research and Planning to coordinate requests from Foothill College and from the Foothill-De Anza Community College District. 

Some internal requests may also be reviewed by the President’s Cabinet for prioritization.

Additional prioritization for specific projects may be determined as follows:

  • Projects related to the Accreditation self-study and site visit
  • Projects assigned by the President or Chancellor
  • Projects tied to the mission, strategic initiatives and other college planning activities
  • Projects to measure and improve educational success and curriculum
  • Projects related to state and federal requirements
  • Projects tied to external funding

See the Completed Projects page for requests and reports available now.

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Institutional Research & Planning


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