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Transfer Student

Transferring from a U.S. School to Foothill College

If you are an F-1 international student and currently attending a language school, high school, college or a university in the United States, you must follow the steps below to transfer your I-20 to Foothill College.

Note: these steps apply to students who are currently attending, graduating, or completing OPT as an F-1 student at a U.S. school.

  1. Complete the International Student Application.
  2. After you are admitted, you will receive an Acceptance Letter.
  3. Request your current school to transfer you to Foothill College (Foothill cannot request the transfer). Submit a copy of your acceptance letter when you make your transfer request.
  4. Your current school will transfer your I-20 electronically to Foothill, and set a "release date". Foothill cannot issue you an I-20 until after your release date.
    • On OPT? The release date is the last day you can work.
  5. Complete the I-20 request process (required to issue you a new I-20).  Students traveling outside the USA must submit a $75 shipping fee to send their I-20 overseas.
  6. Traveling after orientation? Contact us at to discuss your situation.








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