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Transfer Student

Am I a Transfer Student?

You are considered a transfer student if any of these situations apply to you:

  • You hold an I-20 from a language school in the United States, and you are completing your studies at that school.
  • You hold an I-20 from a high school or college within the United States, and you are currently attending (or have recently completed) your studies at that school.
  • You are completing OPT (you are still considered a student at your previous school by immigration while you are on OPT)

Steps Needed to Complete a Transfer to Foothill

Your current school must transfer your I-20: a new Foothill College I-20 cannot be issued until your current school releases your record to us in the SEVIS system (this means your current school must transfer your I-20 to Foothill).

Follow these steps to successfully transfer to Foothill College:

  1. Complete the application and be admitted to Foothill College. You will receive a letter of admission when your application is complete.
  2. You must request your current school to transfer you to Foothill College. We recommend you submit your acceptance letter along with your transfer request.
  3. Your current school will notify Foothill College of the pending transfer, setting a "release date" (the last date that the school can withdraw the transfer).
  4. Your current school will transfer your I-20 to Foothill College.   NOTE: An I-20 will not be issued at this time. If you plan to travel outside the U.S. before you arrive at Foothill College, please email the International Student Office and tell us the date you plan to travel.  We will then send your I-20 to your home country.
  5. After you arrive at Foothill College and have registered for classes, a new "Transfer Completed" I-20 will be issued within 30 days of enrollment. We will send you an email to pick up your I-20 in the International Office.








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