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Alcoholic Beverages Policy

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be consumed on campus without a permit and are not allowed to be served at Foothill College without written permission. Should you want to have alcoholic beverages at your event the following procedures are required.In accordance with Educational Code 82540, all fees are due and payable prior to the event.

District’s primary concern is to protect the health and welfare of all guests. Only beer and or wine are allowed on campus. All requestors who are permitted to serve beer and or wine at their event are expected to promote responsible consumption.


Type of Event

Issuance of a Beer and/or Wine Permit is dependent on the purpose of the proposed event, such as weddings, celebratory events, fundraisers, etc.
• The application must clearly state the purpose of the event and describe the program or activity with the stated purpose.
• Participants under 21 years of age may not be served, so requestors will be required to describe the group and their guests for consideration.
• The permitted requestor must demonstrate how the number of attendees of the private event will be monitored.
• A minimum of 45 days is required to process a permit and the request must prove sufficient planning has occurred to avoid potential problems.


Hours of Events with Beer and/or Wine

Requests for Permits will only be approved if they fall within the following time periods:
• There are no instructional or student activities in the facility
• After 5 pm on weekdays, 4 pm on Fridays
• After 10 am on Saturday and Sunday
• Serving cannot exceed a four-hour time limit, the event can be longer
• If a full meal is served and there is a dancing component following, a longer time may be negotiated


Designated Responsible Person

• The person seeking permission to provide beer and/or wine at Foothill College must be the same person who applies for the facility. If permission is granted, appropriate supporting documents will be provided by the Office of Administrative Services and Finance to the requester and their caterer who holds the necessary California State licensing which authorizes the dispensing of beer and or wine at temporary sites (supplemental license ABC58). This person, in addition to Foothill campus representation, will be on site for the entire event and will be responsible for compliance with applicable laws, facilities rental policies and procedures.


Serving the Beer and/or Wine

• Beverages must be served by a licensed caterer
• Equal amounts of non-alcoholic beverages must be available for consumption
• There shall be no sale of alcoholic beverages; exchanging any consideration for alcoholic beverages constitutes a sale
• Caterer is required to check identification to insure proper age


Fees, Security, and Approval

• Pursuant to Board Policy AP 3500 Alcohol on Campus, approval to serve alcohol must be granted no less than 45 days prior to the event.
• Additional security personnel will be required
• A $200.00 application fee per permit request date is required





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