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Student Awards & Recognition 2022

Congratulations, Students

An Annual Tradition

For more than thirty years, with generous support from Bruce Swenson, former president of the FHDA Board of Trustees, the Fine Arts and Communication Awards have brought together students, faculty, staff, and administrators from the division’s programs to celebrate our shared creativity, courage, and commitment as a learning community.

Instead of being based solely on grades or tests, these awards celebrate the words, wisdom, and actions of students — all of whom have overcome enormous obstacles to achieve success in college and have reached out to assist and inspire others to succeed and thrive as well. The students recognized on this page received this award because their professors carefully selected them for praise and acknowledgment. 


Introducing Our 2022 Student Awards

Welcome to the Fine Arts & Communication Division Award Ceremony June 10, 2022

It is the privilege of the Fine Arts & Communication Division to honor the following students listed below.

We invite you to view our slide presentation from our June 10, 2022 ceremony recognizing these students.  Each student receiving an award should feel tremendously proud. The department faculty members are truly inspired by each and every one of the students selected.

Download and view the 2022 awards slide presentation 


  • Laurie Koloski
  • Yulia Ware
  • Astrid Chevallier

Art History

  • Ethan Kim
  • Jack (Austin) Cole Perry
  • Eizabeth Johnson
  • Marie Bienkowski, Division Award Nominee

Communication Studies

  • Ashanti Barnes
  • Tamar Grosskopf
  • Baylie Jett Mills, Division Award Nominee
  • Alex Twoy

Graphic & Interactive Design

  • Ashley Blewitt-Golsch
  • Subal Pant
  • Jeanee Shin

Media Studies

  • Ekaterina (Katya) Korolevskaya
  • Tiffany Montano
  • Monica Yee


  • Paulos  Flores
  • Joan Ina  Kim
  • Rohan  Panchal

Music Technology

  • To Be Announced


  • Molly Haselhorst
  • Benedicte Lyche
  • Sally Yencken
  • Erica Becker (Toshiko),  Winner of John Thacker Award

Theatre Arts

  • Sydney Harmon
  • Jason Morley
  • Quentin Tepliuk, Division Award Nominee

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