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Assessment Testing

ESL Assessment & Testing

Required Materials

  1. Your Foothill Student ID Number
  2. Your Photo ID (Student Card, Driver's License or Passport)

What to Expect During Test

  • The test is untimed; however, on average students take two hours to complete the test.
  • Students may be prompted to write an essay, should their score fall between two levels.
  • No translation dictionaries allowed on the test.
  • Assessment testing is not required for ESL 225 & 226 or Non-Credit ESL courses.

Test Sections

  • This section contains 20 questions and is a direct measure of the listening skills of nonnative English speaking students.
  • The test measures the ability to listen to and understand one or more persons speaking in English.
Language Usage
  • This section measures student proficiency in using correct grammar in English sentences.
Sentence Meaning
  • The ESL Sentence Meaning test measures the student's understanding of the meaning of sentences in English.
  • It assesses the understanding of word meanings in one- or two-sentence contexts
  • This section assesses student comprehension of short passages.
ESL Essay - WritePlacer
  • Pending the results of the sections above, you may be prompted to write an essay.
  • You will have 45 minutes to write a 300-600 word, multi-paragraph essay on an assigned topic.
  • Your essay will be evaluated using artificial intelligence.
Your ESL essay score will be based upon
  1. Organization: Clear structure of response and presentation of a logical sequence of ideas
  2. Focus, Development, and Support: Maintenance of clarity when presenting the main idea or point of view; and extent of ideas and the presentation of supporting details.
  3. Vocabulary: The appropriateness and complexity of vocabulary.
  4. Sentence Structure: The quality and variety of sentence structures, usage and grammar.
  5. Mechanics: Degree of writing errors in usage and mechanics.

Assessment for Placement into the ESLL Course Sequence

Note: Effective Summer 2017, ESLL Level 5 courses will include ESLL 249 and ESLL 125 (formally ESLL 25).

ESLL Study Guides

  1. Accuplacer Classic Sample Questions (pages 15-21)
  2. Accuplacer Study Site
  3. Khan Academy


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