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Return to Campus

Planning for a Safe Return

Foothill College is proud to have successfully navigated the rapid switch on March 16, 2020 to become a virtual campus.

Thanks to the untiring work of faculty, staff, and administrators, the college has been able to offer 100% of its classes and services online; students have been able to attend tutoring sessions, receive basic needs assistance, see a counselor, and participate in all their classes virtually.

We are excited that, after many months of preparation and consultation with all campus constituencies, Foothill College is ready to begin a careful, deliberate, and equitable return to campus.

Preparations for the gradual re-opening of campus are led by students, faculty, staff, and administrators and follow the Foothill-De Anza District, state and county guidelines. The college developed guiding principles to steer deliberations. We are prioritizing the return of students, faculty, and staff before we open the campus to the general community.

The campus is not currently open to the general public.  

Current Phase: Two

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The college is operating remotely, with a minimal number of programs operating partially on campus, including Allied Health programs with regulatory and licensure requirements, and athletic conditioning courses beginning in May. Some faculty and staff are returning to campus to work from their offices and classrooms.

With Phases Two and Three, the college will continue to operate mostly remotely, progressively moving programs as listed at least partially back to campus.

We will continue to announce further phases until on-campus classes and services are fully operational, with any necessary remaining modifications.

Note: All classes on campus are and will be following Santa Clara County guidelines on social distancing and sanitation. Students who do return to campus will be contacted with information on these protocols.

Draft Plans for Phases 2-3 as of April 13, 2021

Phase One: Fall 2020

The college is operating remotely. A minimal number of programs are operating at least partially on campus.


Allied Health programs with regulatory and licensure requirements

  • Dental Assisting
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Radiation Technology
  • Paramedic
  • Pharmacy Technologist
  • Radiologic Technology
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Veterinary Assistant
  • Veterinary Technology

Administrative Services

  • Custodial
  • Grounds
  • Bookstore – fulfillment of online orders
  • Postal Services – limited hours

Student Services

  • Student Services provided remotely

Phase Two: Current for Spring & Summer 2021

In addition to the Phase 1 operations, the following programs are returning to campus in Phase 2. 


  • In addition to the Allied Health programs already working on campus, Athletic conditioning classes will start in May.
  • In addition to Allied Health and Athletics, a selection of classes will be returning to campus for the summer term. For more information, please see the summer 2021 class schedule starting April 26.

Student Services

  • All student services will continue to be delivered remotely

Administrative Services

  • The same services will be on campus as in Phase 1

Faculty, Staff, and Administrators

Phase Three: Expected Fall 2021

In addition to the Phase 1 and Phase 2 operations, the following programs will be returning in Phase 3.


  • We will be scheduling more classes on campus for the fall 2021 term. For more information, please see the fall 2021 class schedule starting June 21.

Student Services

  • All student services will continue to be delivered remotely

Administrative Services

  • The same services will be on campus as in Phase 1

Phase Four: TBD

Information provided as determined.

Our Process

The following steps outline the Foothill College return to campus process:

  1. The Scheduling Taskforce recommends which classes should return and when.
  2. The Emergency Operations Council assesses the operational needs associated with the return-to-campus prioritization, including PPE, signage, budget concerns, custodial staffing, etc.
  3. The Scheduling Task Force recommendations are presented to the Return to Campus Council — a shared governance council made up of students, faculty, staff, and administrators, which makes recommendations to the college president.
  4. The Foothill-De Anza District approves the plans, which can then be implemented.

Our Approach

We are following the Foothill-De Anza District  phase approach to returning to campus operations.

  • We are currently in Phase One.
  • We will move to Phase Two in the spring quarter and summer session.
  • We anticipate moving to Phase Three in the fall of 2021.
  • Details for draft plans beyond Phase Three will be provided as decisions are made.

Important Note: All information on this web page represents current information, and our projections for the balance of 2021 and into 2022 could change.

Planning Groups & Documents

Guidelines for returning faculty and staff

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Schedule of Classes

COVID-19 Vaccine Education

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The Science Learning Institute and STEM Division hosted a four-part education series focused on the COVID-19 vaccine in spring 2021.  

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