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Social Science Internship

Foothill College has a partnership with Stanford University to place students in research labs as interns at Stanford with the Social Science Reserach Assistant Internship Program.  This is a great opportunity to gain research experience in an advanced research setting! 


When Can I Apply?

There are two application periods: beginning of fall quarter and beginning of spring quarter. Click here for the application form and more info.



To be eligible to apply it is required that you complete the Research Experience Program (REP Program) in a class at Foothill.  This entails being a participatnt in research studies for course credit in a class that offeres the REP Program. 

The following professors offer the REP in some or all of their classes:

  • Eta Lin (Psychology)
  • Florina Petcu (Psychology)
  • Ben Stefonik (Psychology)
  • Justin Gauthier (Psychology)
  • Sarah Strader (Psychology)
  • Patrica Gibbs (Sociology)
  • Mark Bauermeister (Sociology)
  • Jeff Cormier (Sociology & Psychology)
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Psychology Department


Ben Stefonik, Department Chair: