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About These Listings

All private rental opportunities are solicited by current Foothill or local students and property owners who live in the surrounding area who have notified Foothill College of available rooms or house sharing opportunities.

These opportunities are not affiliated with Catholic Charities or other agencies that the college is in partnership with. Cost of rental is solely defined by the solicitor.


All off-campus housing information posted on this page is done for informational purposes only.

Foothill College is free from any responsibility for legal contracts or agreements made with posted rental listings. It is the student’s responsibility to contact available listings and it is their responsibility to scrutinize the opportunity for safety and suitable living conditions. All issues resulting or pertaining within the available housing referrals listed here are the sole responsibility of the tenant(s) and the landlord.

Low Income Rental Properties

Santa Clara County

These are listings as of Sept. 21, 2021.

Arbor Park

Art Ark Application | Brochure/Pricing

Charter Court Brochure

Country Hills Brochure

Dent Commons Brochure

Villa-Monterey Application | Brochure

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