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Honors World Myths in Literature, Arts and Film

HUMN 3H is an interdisciplinary exploration of ancient myths and their modern adaptations in film, art, and literature with an emphasis on advanced teaching methods and student engagement. Honors HUMN3 involves investigation, application, and creation of myth related themes and projects that vitalize and inspire.

Exploring the manner in which myths - sacred, oral narratives - remain vibrant and alive inspires understanding about the universal and cultural nuances of mythology influencing the largess of our thinking and awareness, as individuals and a global community. Humanity is linked through our shared, myth making genius.

HUMN 3H incorporates an in-depth examination of myths from cultures such as Africa, China, Japan, Europe, the Americas, and India. Archetypal themes of creation, destruction, and rebirth, and the characters who enliven myths such as gods, goddesses, Tricksters, heroes, and heroines are examined critically, utilizing mythic theories as means of interpretation and understanding. Together in class discussions, individual research and presentations of a myth related topic, and instructor emphasis lectures, we collaboratively investigate mythology as a living, transformative force woven through ritual, fairy tales, media, and art - all of which take on brilliant, deeply felt meaning when viewed through a mythic lens.

Course Objectives

  • identify and utilize major theories of mythic interpretation
  • analyze how myths function as building blocks of culture
  • interpret mythic metaphors, symbols, and analogies
  • analyze how myths relate to rituals and identity
  • compare and contrast characters, events, symbols, and motifs in various myths and their adaptations
  • recognize mythological themes in modern culture including literature, television, and film
  • analyze how adaptations of myth seek to reflect, classify, and define the cultural and social experiences of an age
  • identify how adaptations of mythology inspire and inform the various movie genres (Action Adventure, Drama, Romantic Comedy, Science Fiction, and Fantasy)
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