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COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines

FAQs for Faculty and Staff

Student Covid-19 Protocols (FAQs)


Given that students attending on campus classes are required to be fully vaccinated, will the college require proof of vaccination in the spring quarter?

All students are required to have their vaccination information on file BEFORE they enroll in spring-quarter classes. If a student has submitted a petition for a medical or religious exemption, that must also be approved before the start of winter classes.

What information will a student be required to provide prior to coming to campus each day in the winter quarter?

Students are required to do a daily health check in using the Foothill College app (Modo) until May 31, 2022, prior to coming to campus. The app provides the student with a health verification they will provide to the faculty member upon entering the classroom. Information on how the health check-ins will work as students enter the classroom, and how to deal with late students, and avoid disruptions has been provided to faculty. 

Will I be required to check a student’s vaccination status as the instructor in a classroom?

No, faculty will not be asked to verify a student’s vaccination status. 

Classroom & Campus Expectations

Will faculty be required to remove students from class if they fail to wear a mask?

Classrooms will be provided with extra masks for students who forget theirs, and students will be provided with numerous reminders that masks are mandatory, both electronically and through on campus and classroom signage. Students who refuse to wear a mask should be asked to leave, and/or the Dean contacted to address the disruptive classroom situation. We will follow our normal process for handling disruptive students, including filing a Maxient report, and contacting the Dean, etc. 

Due to the Omicron variant, will reduced class sizes be implemented for spring quarter?

The spring schedule is based on current guidance from the State of California and Santa Clara County that does not require social distancing for fully vaccinated, and masked individuals. We will not be implementing reduced class sizes for spring 2022. If conditions change due to virus spread, we will consider options for virtual education as we did last year. 

What personal protective equipment will be available on campus? 

All classrooms will be equipped with masks and hand sanitizers. Faculty teaching on campus can submit orders for additional PPE using this Smartsheet. For items such as air purifiers, contact your dean.  

Will there be regular or random COVID-19 testing of students, faculty and staff?

No, the college will not be conducting COVID-19 testing. However, the college will have a supply of rapid test kits (antigen tests) on hand for emergency testing for those exposed to COVID.

If I am scheduled to teach fully face to face or hybrid, and decide I don’t want to teach on campus, will I lose my assignment? 

No, please contact your dean to discuss options in this situation.  

Will community members be allowed on campus in the spring quarter?

Yes, we are progressively opening the campus (rentals, etc.) to allow members of the public on campus. 

Will food services return on campus? 

Yes, our two food services vendors will provide Campus service in spring 2022. All indoor spaces such as the dining hall, will require masking.  

Will offices be cleaned and ready for our use.

Clasrooms are cleaned on a regular basis and offices will have trash cans emptied, etc. We have plenty of supplies located in our admin conference room and each division office will be supplied with masks and hand sanitizer for faculty and classroom use.  

What if a student tests positive for COVID-19? 

Refer students, regardless of whether they are in-person, online, out of state, or living outside of the country, to the contact tracing team.

Please use the Reporting a Positive COVID Case on Campus form to refer a student to the contact tracing team. Be sure to provide the following information about the student: name, student ID, phone number, email, etc. 

What do I do if a student tells me they are symptomatic or they have had contact with someone who has/had COVID-19? 

Refer the student to the student health center where they can pick up a free COVID test. If positive, they can report their positive to the COVID team using the COVID self-reporting survey

The COVID team is not initiated unless a student has a positive COVID-19 test. 

What should I do if a student in an in-person class reports that they are COVID-19 positive? 

Please send the student the COVID self-reporting survey

As a reminder, if a student tests positive for COVID-19 and it is determined that the student was in your class within the exposure timeframes which include 48 hours prior to symptom onset and 48 hours prior to a positive COVID-19 test, you will be notified of exposure in general WITHOUT receiving any personal health identifiers.

What do I do if my student does not follow COVID-19 Health and Safety Behavioral Expectations?

  1. More than anything, having a conversation with the student first, before referring them to the Dean of Student’s office is the most important. Did they forget their PPE or are they deliberately refusing to abide by the COVID Health and Safety Behavioral Expectations that they agreed to?
  2. If the student forgets their mask, advise the student to find the nearest PPE stations using the MODO app. The map of the school contains locaters to help students find a mask and hand sanitizer.
  3. Refer the student to the health center or Admissions and records if they aren't familiar with the campus so they can get the PPE that they need.
  4. If the student still does not comply or refuses to wear a mask, provide a verbal warning with specific directions asking them to comply with the behavioral expectations including wearing a mask.
  5. If you cannot negotiate or converse with the student and the student is deliberately exhibiting defiance or willful disobedience, please submit a Maxient report.

Will I be notified if a student in my class has tested positive for COVID-19?

  1. Yes! Someone from the COVID Team will notify you via email. You will be asked to send an email to your class (all info will be included in the email you receive). 
  2. If a student tests positive for COVID-19 and it is determined that the student was in your class within the exposure timeframes which include 48 hours prior to symptom onset and 48 hours prior to a positive COVID-19 test, you will be notified of exposure in general WITHOUT receiving any personal health identifiers.
  3. If faculty, staff, and/or students are following proper social distancing protocol and safety protocol the risk is minimal, quarantine/isolation protocols may not be advised, especially if close contacts have already been vaccinated.

Student Services

How can students access services this winter?

All services will continue to operate online. However, in addition, we will also offer all student services face to face.

What are the in-person hours for student services?

8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday

Health Services and Psychological Services will have limited in-person hours on Fridays too.

Where do students go to talk to a person for general questions?

All student services will be available this spring. Visit the 8000 building (same building as Admissions/Records and Financial Aid). See map

Will counselors be available on campus this spring?

Counseling services will be available. Please go here for spring hours.

Will the library be open? Where can students study?

Yes, the library will be open Monday - Thursday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM in spring 2022. . See library website for details.

Do I need to pay for parking?

No. Ticketing will not be enforced as long as you are parked legally.

Is EOPS open?

EOPS will be open in-person Mondays - Thursdays 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Full services will also continue to be offered virtually. Visit the EOPS website for contact info.

Foothill Mobile App

Use the Foothill App to report a positive COVID test to the COVID team.

Use the Foothill College mobile app. Download from MyPortal.Go to MyPortal > Apps > All Users > Mobile App > Download Foothill College App
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