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Guided Pathways @ Foothill

Meta Majors 2021-2022

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Spring Topics:

Open Q&A: You are most welcome to stop by with your questions on topics ranging from the GP mission to the CAPs team's progress, share your great ideas, learn how you can get involved, and more.


Winter Office Hour Topics: 



Spring 2022 Workgroup Meetings 




Winter 2022 Workgroup Meetings 

Wednesday, Jan. 19 3-4pm 

Wednesday, Feb. 16th 3-4pm  *moved from the 9th

Wednesday, March 16th 3-4pm 



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The work below reflects the work done on creating Foothill College's journey to creating Career and Academic Pathways using the  Meta Majors framework.


Meta Majors  Options


Foothill Meta Majors Options 


 Meta Majors Podcasts 


Curious What Meta Majors Are or Can Be?

Check out the video below for a short explanation!"




CAPs Events/Presentations




Second Sorting Day 

Friday, Jan. 21st, 12-1pm. 


This event is where the campus will solidify the meta majors, begin the naming process, and start the discussion of wrap-around services in the meta majors.   

Meta Majors Kickoff 

October 20th, 8:30-12:30pm 2021 


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Kickoff Flyer

Now that close to 70 programs have been mapped, join us in learning the next steps in Program Mapping--developing Meta Majors.

Attendees will learn about Meta Majors, how other colleges have created and used Meta Majors in developing cohesive Academic and Career Communities for students as well as discuss strategies for forming Meta Majors at Foothill, and what the next steps are for the 2021-2022 academic year.


Foothill Meta Majors:  An Introduction to Career and Academic Pathways

This workshop will display up to date efforts by the Foothill Guided Pathways Program Mapping and Meta Majors team, as well as outline planned next steps for the 2021-2022 academic year. Workshop participants will be introduced to the concept of Meta Majors, learn how other California Community Colleges have implemented the concept, have the opportunity to inform future Meta Majors related campus efforts, and learn how to get involved in Foothill’s Meta Majors work in shaping the career and academic pathways for its students. 

Presenters:  Natalie Latteri, Humanities Instructor; Amy Leonard, English Instructor; and Isaac Escoto, Counselor

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Guided Pathways & Meta Majors Professional Development

July 2021

This workshop will work with participants to understand and apply the guided pathways lens/framework into classroom practices and pedagogy. Examples of workshop discussions will include: ideas of how student lived experiences and goals might inform how we categorize programs into larger groups, what we do in the classroom, and how one’s course/program fits into a student’s overall experience at Foothill 


 CAPs Leads


Natalie Latteri 

Amy Leonard 

Meta Majors Projects 

  •  Student Focus Groups 
  • Faculty & Staff Focus Groups 
  • Sorting of Meta Majors 
  • Creation of Meta Majors Vision & support services 



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