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Guided Pathways @ Foothill

GP Mapping Team Info 

Spring (2022) Mapping Approval Process

Spring (2021) 

Program Mapping Day: Curating the Student Experience



We invite you to join us for our first Program Mapping Day. If your department would like to create a Guided Pathways map, please sign up for either the morning session or the afternoon session.

 Spring Mapping Day morning session


 Zoom Transcript & Chat 


Guide Pathways Maps: Student Interviews



Foothill College students reflect on their experiences and how the Guided Pathway Maps can help them make better decisions and complete their programs faster and more efficiently.

How to Create a Map?


This 2:10 video is intended to help faculty design a default Program Map based on the Guided Pathways Design Principles. These maps aim to help increase student success in completing their program



Mapping Toolkit 

The GP mapping team has provided this tool to keep track of our Program Mapping efforts.

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Department approved maps will be uploaded to our GP Mapping Canvas Page

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Questions about Mapping?

Please contact  

Isaac Escoto

Natalie Latteri



Mapping Team


Isaac Escoto 

Evan Gilstrap 

Amy Leonard

Natalie Latteri  

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Student Rep (TBA) 


Mapping Team Meetings

Spring Quarter (2022) Mapping and CAPs (Meta Majors) Meetings TBD. Check back soon.


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