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Program Review Committee


The Program Review Committee (PRC) consists of 9-12 members appointed through the Academic Senate, Classified Senate, and the President's Office (3- 4 from each), and a student advisory member.

Constituent groups are strongly encouraged to appoint members representative of all four Core Missions (Basic Skills, Transfer, Workforce, Student Equity), as well as a wide range of college programs, including but not limited to:

  • student services
  • cross-divisional support services (e.g. the Library),
  • and instruction.

Senate Presidents will confer with each other to ensure that membership is balanced and representative.

"Expert" resources will be consulted as needed, such as the SLO Coordinator(s), CCC Faculty Co-Chair, Articulation Officer, Director of Facilities, and Chief Financial Officer.

Voting Members

PRC Tri-Chairs

  • Craig Gawlick, Classified
  • Carolyn Holcroft, Faculty
  • Andrew Lamanque, Administrator

Classified Staff Representation

  • Jackie Brown, Family Engagement Institute
  • Melia Arken, Language Arts Division

Faculty Representation

  • K. Allison Meezan, GIST
  • Bruce Mcleod, Theatre Arts

Administrator Representation

  • Teresa Ong, DRC & Sunnyvale Center
  • Paul Starer, Language Arts

Ex-Officio Support

  • Elaine Kuo, College Research
  • Lisa Ly, College Research


Campus Center

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PRC Tri-Chair

Administration Building 1900