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Program Review Committee

Program Review Reader Evaluation Team



The Program Review process requires a team of Readers to provide an internal review of the program’s Self-Study Report. Each program engaged in the 5-Year Self-Study process will be provided with an Evaluation Team with a distinct membership. As outlined in the chart below, the Instructional Readers Evaluation Team is composed of two faculty members, one from the same division and one faculty at-large appointed by the Academic Senate. One classified staff member will also serve on the team and is appointed by the Classified Senate. The Division Dean will serve on the team and in a case when the Dean is not available, the Associate Vice President or Executive Vice President will serve as a Reader.


Instructional Program Review Team

·                Faculty from the same division

·                Faculty at-large

·                Classified staff at-large

·                Division Dean


Student Success Program Review Team

·                Student success program faculty or staff member from the same division

·                Classified Staff member at-large

·                Faculty at-Large

·                AVPSS/Division Dean




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