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Veterans Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to Report My Veterans Education Benefits on the FAFSA?

No. You are not required to report veteran's education benefits on the FAFSA. However, you do need to report your previous year's income, including non-educational veteran benefits.

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Q. What Happens to My Financial Aid if I am Called to Active Duty?

You will not lose Financial Aid eligibility if you take a leave of absence from school. Future aid will not be disbursed; therefore, you will not be responsible for paying back any funds. Please notify our office when you return so that we can prepare an award package that reflects your current status. However, in order to receive Financial Aid in following years, students must apply every year. Therefore, if you come back to college the following year as apposed to the current year, you would need to re-apply for Financial Aid by completing a FAFSA.

Your loans will automatically enter repayment because you will be enrolled less than half-time. To prevent this, complete a Military Deferment Request Form on the

Q. What Scholarships are Available for Veterans?

Visit the page for more information on the scholarship program.

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