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Financial Aid FAQs

Scholarships FAQs

Q. When can I apply for scholarships?

Most of scholarships are posted on our website under the "Scholarships" link. If you click on the "View Foothill Scholarship Offerings" link, you will enter into a section of scholarships that are generally advertised in mid-October and have a deadline of mid-February. To apply for one or more of scholarships from this section, you would need to complete a scholarship profile and an online scholarship application. Once application has been submitted and the scholarship deadline has passed, students will be able to track their scholarship status by logging into their profile.

If you click on "View Outside Scholarship Donors" link, you will enter into a scholarship section where Foothill College posts a vast variety of scholarships offered by different agencies. This application process is different from the one above. Students must follow guidelines of an individual scholarship and apply for each of them separately.

Third section of the Foothill College Scholarship Page is the "Additional Scholarship Recourses". This section provides more links and search engines where students may look for additional scholarship funds.

Q. I received a scholarship. Do I have to report it to the Financial Aid Office? How?

Yes, you do need to report it to the Financial Aid Office. You may contact the Financial Aid Office in writing that you have received a scholarship. Make sure that you include the name of the scholarship and the amount, your name and student ID number or Social Security Number on your correspondence.

Q. I will be receiving a scholarship from my high school. How will this scholarship be treated in my Financial Aid award?

Federal regulations require that all Financial Aid assistance you receive be taken into consideration when awarding aid. This means that outside scholarships must be used to meet your financial need. The college will use any outside scholarship you are awarded to replace an equal amount of loan or work-study funds you would have otherwise received before they reduce your grant aid.

Q. If I am awarded a scholarship, how will I get the money?

Scholarship funds are disbursed to students through Higher One bank. If you have never had a Higher One Money Card at the time your scholarship is posted on your MyPortal account, our system will generate one for you and it will be sent to your home address. If you are a U.S. citizen or an eligible-non-citizen with a social security number, you may activate your card and select whether you want your scholarship disbursement to go onto the card or to be transferred to your personal bank account. If you are a student with an AB540 status who received a social security number through a DACA process, please call 1-866-663-2228 and ask a Higher One Bank representative to change your shared secret (last for digits of social security number) to 0000. If you are a student who choose not to activate your Higher One Money Card, a printed check will be mailed to your Financial Aid address listed on you're My Portal by Higher One bank four weeks after the original disbursement date.
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