English Department

OUrThe English Department offers a variety of courses designed to improve and enhance reading, writing, communication, and critical thinking skills. Most reading and composition courses, English 209-110-1A-1S/1T, are offered every quarter. Literature courses are usually offered once a year or every other year according to the schedule below.

Before enrolling in ENGL 110 or 1A or 1S-1T, students must take a placement test. If English is not your first language, ESLL courses may be more appropriate for you. To determine which sequence is more appropriate for you, see the English Assessment & Course Placement Guide on the English Placement page.
Literature Courses LIsting

Most of the English Department's literature courses are offered only once per year or every other year. See the Winter 2016 through Spring 2017 quarterly schedule.

Please check current Schedule of Classes for days and times and any changes or cancellations.

An Associates Arts in English (AA) prepares students for careers in law, teaching, journalism, communication and business administration.

Most careers require strong skills in writing and reading. An English degree provides students these skills, along with a breadth of cultural and historical know through the study of inspiring literature.

See requirements for the AA in English degree.

The ADT in English is design to prepare students to transfer to California State Universities (CSUs). Students who comple the ADT in English will be ensured preferential transfer status to a CSU as an English Major.

Find out more about the ADT program and next steps for transfer.

English majors develop skills applicable to many career fields.

Links to a wide variety of resources including a collection of organizations that host live literary events, of centers for further study in the language arts, and of virtual resources that spark conversations about language and literature.

Links to a variety of grammar, writing, literature, college help, and other sites of interest.


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