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Online Resources

Foothill Campus Sites

  1. Foothill Astronomy Instructor Andrew Fraknoi has a Facebook page for astronomy news called "Andrew Fraknoi (The AstroProf)":
  2. Podcasts of the Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures can be found at:
  3. Andrew Fraknoi's list of science fiction stories with good astronomy can be seen at:

Bay Area Information

  1. The Astronomical Society of the Pacific, with headquarters in San Francisco, has many programs of interest to those with an interest in astronomy. Learn more at:
  2. The SETI Institute is a scientific and educational organization devoted to the search for life in the universe:
  3. NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View (which offers internships for Foothill students) has many programs for teachers and the public:
  4. The DeAnza College Planetarium (star theater):
  5. The Astronomical Association of Northern California has a nice list of local astronomy institutions and clubs:
  6. For science events in the Bay Area, see:

A Few Sites for Really Beautiful Astronomy Images

  1. Astronomy Picture of the Day: (Two space scientists scour the internet and select one "sexy" astronomy image to feature each day.)
  2. Hubble Space Telescope Images: (You can select among hundreds of Hubble pictures by subject or by date.)
  3. National Optical Astronomy Observatories Image Gallery: (This growing archive shows images taken with the many telescopes that are part of the National Optical Astronomy Observatories.)
  4. Planetary Photojournal: (This site features thousands of images from planetary exploration, with captions of varied length.)

A Few General Astronomy Sites

  1. "Seeing in the Dark" (A PBS television program about the joys of amateur astronomy, with good introductory resources for new hobbyists):
  2. "Science @ NASA" (Dr. Tony Phillips explains new NASA discoveries in everyday language):
  3. Sky & Telescope Magazine: (a magazine for astronomy hobbyists, with many good articles and primers at their site)
  4. "Windows to the Universe": (a rich site for younger readers and beginners, full of space and earth science information)
  5. The Planetary Society: (this national organization supporting the exploration of the planets has a colorful site with good background information about the solar system)

Asking Astronomy Questions

  1. Ask an Astronomer at Lick Observatory:
  2. Ask an Astronomer for Kids:
  3. Ask the Experts at PhysLink:
  4. Curious about Astronomy:
  5. Ask a High-Energy Astronomer:
  6. Ask an Astrobiologist:
  7. Ask Mr. Sunspot:

For Those Worried about Doomsday, UFO's, and Astronomical Conspiracies

  1. Andrew Fraknoi's Resources for Debunking Astronomical Pseudoscience:
  2. Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (a national group of skeptics with wonderfully rational information):
  3. The Skeptic's Dictionary:
  4. Why You Don't Need to Worry about 2012:
  5. Andrew Fraknoi's "An Astronomer Looks at Astrology":
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