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Upcoming Auditions

Foothill Theatre Arts Dept Announces Open Auditions for

Infinite Black Suitcase

By E. M. Lewis

Directed by Sinjin Jones

Audition Dates and Times:

Monday, March 13th OR Tuesday, March 14th beginning at 6pm


Foothill College Campus

I 280 & El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills

Lohman Theatre (Room #8002) Directly adjacent to Lot #8 

Callbacks: As Needed

Production Dates: May 26 through June 18, 2022, Lohman Theatre

Rehearsals begin April 2023

How to sign up:

Please sign up for a 10 minute slot, by clicking the audition sign up link here and placing your name in an available time slot. Please note your audition time as you will not receive a reminder notice of your sign up time. Please make sure you have arrived to The Lohman Theater slightly in advance of your time slot.  

Please either plan to bring your head shot and resume or upload it, along your conflicts to this form:

Audition Sign up Link raw URL:

What to Prepare:

One minute dramatic monologue. If you do not have a prepared monologue, choose one of the prepared readings from below (scroll to bottom to see available options) you most associate with to present at the audition. Selection may be read. Also, cold readings from the script will be assigned. Please bring a headshot or recent photo (printout is okay) and resume.

Please also prepare a 1 minute movement piece, or be prepared to dance improvisationally during the audition.

COVID Requirements:

For Auditions: Audition time slots will be limited to small groups. All participants are expected to be vaccinated and will need to be verified upon casting by registering your status with the district. All participants must remain masked the entirety of the time they are on campus. Potential auditioners must be free of any COVID related symptoms at the time of their scheduled audition. Please email if you need to reschedule.

For Rehearsal/Performances: All participants must be appropriately boosted as per the requirements of the FHDA district at the time spring term begins and subsequently register their status with the district.  Currently, the district still requires mask for all in person on campus events subject to change. In accordance with SC County guidelines and recommendations, at this time we anticipate rehearsing while masked, but performances will be unmasked.

Actors: 20 roles ages 18 through 70; flexible casting; all ethnicities encouraged to audition. Casting designations may include dancing ensemble assignments.

Non AEA; No pay: Participation fees waived.

The Story:

The story of one day in a small Oregon town and three families who are trying, in the most loving and human ways, to deal with death and dying. Rather than dwelling on the existential aspects of death, the play explores the practical questions surrounding death: which husband (the biological parent or the current, financially secure step parent) should get the kids? How long after the death of a loved one should someone wait before starting to date again? How does a husband who wants to be buried beside his first wife make his current wife feel?

Location and Parking at Auditions:

For auditions in the Lohman Theatre, we recommend parking in either Lot 1 (the first parking lot to the right on the campus loop) or Lot 8 (through the entrance fountain roundabout). The Lohman Theatre is located to the left of the entrance fountain as part of the Lower Campus Complex.

Contrary to the posted signage, currently, no parking permits are required, and therefore need not be purchased, to park on campus.


If you have questions, please email:


NOTE: Performers of all racial backgrounds, gender identities, and age will be considered for all roles. Looking for a strong ensemble overall.


STAN KALINSKI (37)  An electrician. The dependable brother, who everybody leans on and calls first, ever since their parents died.

“KAL” KALINSKI (34)  Stan’s brother. A truck driver with a local route.

JANIE KALINSKI (34)  Stan’s sister in law. A physical therapist and runner. Her husband has just died.

DONNA KALINSKI (35)  Stan’s wife. Works at home and takes care of their kids.

DAN HANLON (28)  An English professor at the local community college. Quiet and bookish. He is dying.

STEPHEN MILLER (32)  A landscaper. Hard working and smart assed, most of the time. He’s been with Dan for seven years.

LIZ MILLER (29)  An interior designer. Dressed with casual quirkiness. Stephen’s sister.

JOE STRICKLIN (38)  Katie’s ex husband. They have three daughters  17, 14, and 12  who are with Katie and Tony during the week and Joe on the weekends. Joe works at Wilco Farmer’s Co Op (which sells everything from chicken feed to John Deere tractors). He likes to drink a couple beers in the evening and fiddle with car engines with old Stones albums playing in the background.

KATIE LIU (38)  Tony’s wife, Joe’s ex wife. Not Asian American, but took Tony’s name when they married eight years ago. She is dying. She was a cheerleader when she and Joe were in high school together, high energy and confident, not ditzy. She’s paler and thinner now, and has lost her hair (her head is covered in a bright scarf).

TONY LIU (52)  Katie’s husband, Asian American. He’s a sales manager at the paper mill. Plays golf, and goes to competitions around the state regularly. Steady and even tempered (except with Joe, who can light his fuse like nobody he’s ever met). His marriage to Katie is his first marriage.

MARY OLIVER (42)  She was married to her husband, Roger, for 13 years, but he died eighteen months ago. She hasn’t been on a date since she dated him.

FRANK HARPER (45)  He’s worked at the hardware store in town for 20 years. A guy’s guy, but personable. Today, he’s been drinking. 

FATHER SEBASTIAN (70)  A Catholic priest. He takes his job seriously, but has a sense of humor. Fond of potlucks and college basketball.

JAKE HARRISON (65)  A retired electrician, who preferred working to retirement.

ANNE HARRISON (60)  Jake’s second wife. Elegant, even in unelegant surroundings.

APRIL MERRIWEATHER (24)  Assistant Manager at Belle Passi Cemetery, an old pioneer cemetery out in the country where being assistant manager means you only have to mow lawn every other week. Young and sincere.

Suitcase Ensemble (5): In addition to the roles listed above, we’ll have an ensemble of shadow dancers who will tell a series of stories in movement.



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