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Tenure Review

Tenure Review

Welcome to the Tenure Review web page, a resource for Tenure Review Committee members and probationary faculty.

Tenured Faculty Celebration

Congratulations to our 12 Foothill College faculty who received tenure on March 11, 2019!

Check out our photo gallery with colleagues,  family and friends celebrating their achievement.

  • Tracee Cunninghman, Counseling
  • Alexis Donato, Psychological Services
  • Kimberly Escamilla, English
  • Evan Gilstrap, Counseling
  • Maritza Sandoval-Jackson, Counseling
  • Laurence Lew, Business
  • Natasha Mancuso, Business
  • Bita Mazloom, Computer  Science
  • Matt Stanley, Kinsesiology
  • Pawel Szponar, Library
  • Nick Tuttle, Psychology
  • Anand Venkataraman, Computer Science

Tenure Committee Service


Faculty wishing to serve on a Tenure Review Committee must complete a Tenure Review training session.

  • Training sessions are offered on Foothill Opening Day prior to the start of Fall Quarter and are usually available other times during the academic year.
  • After completing training, faculty volunteering for Tenure Review service must be confirmed by the Academic Senate.

Tenure Review "Core" Committee

The Tenure Review “Core” Committee consists of three members:

  • The dean (or other appropriate administrator) of the tenure candidate's division
  • Two faculty nominated by division faculty and approved by the Academic Senate

The Core Committee elects one of its members to serve as the committee chair.

During Phases I and II, the Core Committee is augmented by the affiliated Vice President and an at-large tenured faculty from outside the division appointed by the Academic Senate

The Vice President may act as a consultant during Phase III.

Earning PGA or PAA

For each of the three phases of tenure review, faculty receive PGA or PAA credit if all the evaluation duties delegated to him or her are satisfactorily completed.

  • Faculty who serve as a department/program/division or as the at-large representative receive one unit (quarter system) of professional growth activity (PGA).
  • Faculty who serve as the Committee chair receive two units.

Faculty applying for PGA or PAA record these units on Appendix O3 of the FHDA/FA Agreement found at

Tenure Review Process

The Tenure Review process is governed by two documents:

  • Article 6A of the FHDA/FA Agreement
  • Tenure Review Handbook, which expands and codifies the language of Article 6A (see current copy below)

Tenure Review Committee members and probationary faculty are encouraged to become familiar with both documents.

Additional information and samples are available in the Tenure Review Supplemental Packet, written by the Foothill Tenure Review Orientation Group (Tenure Review Coordinator, Academic Senate President, FA representative).

Topics covered include resources for candidates, critical areas of the process, phase overviews and final reports, evaluation procedures (for both the J1 Administrative/Peer Evaluation and the J2 Student Evaluation), academic freedom and cultural competence.