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IDEA Center

Guidelines for Use

Using The Idea Center & Studio 1100

The IDEA Center (IDEA stands for Interdisciplinary Electronic Arts) and Studio 1100 are two of the most complete and well equipped music technology educational facilities in the US. It wasn't easy to get them funded and built! We won't be getting any more funding for facilities or equipment (at least major upgrades and for things like microphones) for the next decade or so. It's my job to make sure these facilities, and our equipment, stays intact so students such as yourselves, and the students who come after you, will be able to use them to learn music technology for years to come.

Based on that, we have some minor restrictions on using these facilities.

  1. The IDEA Center and Studio 1100 are reserved for use by students enrolled in Music Technology, Photography, Media Studies, Graphic and Interactive Design and other related Fine Arts classes only.
  2. There is no smoking within 100 feet of any building on the Foothill Campus.
  3. No food or drink (other than bottled water) are allowed at any time.
  4. The IDEA Center Monitors and Lab Manager, Al Ruffinelli are here to let you in and out of the facilities, please be repectful. Remember - they work here, you are a student. We know and trust them, since I have worked with them for many years.

If there are any disruptive incidents reported, your lab access will be suspended, and you will have to resolve the issue before we will reinstate your access. This could negatively affect your grade, as you are still responsible for all of the work.

Here are excerpts from the Student Conduct, Discipline and Due Process Statement that explains our policy more clearly:

Students are subject to college discipline (as outlined in Administrative Procedure AP 5520: Student Due Process and Discipline) for any of the following misconduct that occurs at any time on the Foothill main campus, the Sunnyvale Education Center, any online classroom, any Foothill class, or at any college-approved or college-sponsored functions:

14. Disruptive behavior, willful disobedience, habitual profanity or vulgarity, or the open and persistent defiance of authority, or persistent abuse of College or District personnel

We Need Your Help

  1. The IDEA Center Schedule is available. If the IDEA Center is not open when it is supposed to be, please let us know immediately at
  2. If the lab is not open, or your scheduled studio time is not available because another class, student or instructor has appropriated your time, let us know immediately. You DO have rights as an enrolled student, and we appreciate the time it takes to get to the campus, park and walk up the hill. Coming all the way here only to find you have been displaced is disheartening and unfair. It is our responsibility to see you are given access when you are scheduled. That said, please check our site before coming to campus - if the lab has to close because of illness or other issue, there will be a notice posted on our main page.
  3. If equipment or software is missing or non-functional, please let us know. we can only fix it for you if I am aware of the problem in advance.
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