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Guided Pathways @ Foothill

What is GP at Foothill College?

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Guided Pathways 2020-2021 Planning Events

Program Mapping Presentation

January 22 • 10–11:30 a.m.

Bring your ideas, curiosity, and questions to this discussion on program mapping and how it aims to highlight all disciplines in pursuit of pathway clarity for all students. Dig into examples of liberal arts infused mapping processes and lessons learned. Let's consider the impact on students' perseverance throughout their path if we can provide a clear plan to navigate. 

Join BY ZOOM on Jan 22 at 10 a.m.

Problem Statement

At Foothill College, some students’ educational experiences are sometimes inequitable, complicated, prolonged, and expensive.

Mission Statement

The mission of GP is for all parts of the campus community to work together to be student ready by removing structural barriers to learning. We aim to create clear pathways within an equitable system, that includes ample, ongoing support for each student to engage from connection, to entry, through progress, to completion. We recognize the strengths and diverse experiences our students bring  to the college and we aim to support their growth as global citizens.

Values Statement

As we implement Guided Pathways at Foothill College, we will commit to communicating clearly, listening attentively, and embracing authenticity in order to meet students where they are at and instill confidence to empower students to reach their goals.

2020-2021 Guided Pathways Team

Our Guided Pathways Initiative is being  lead by faculty and staff core teams.

Meet Our Core team leads

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