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Integrated Planning & Budget

Integrated Planning & Budget Process Overview


IP&B Process

At Foothill College, an Integrated Planning and Budget (IP&B) process is crucial to maintaining mission-based instruction and student services.

The Office of Instruction convenes IP&B to conduct a review of college processes to assess where improvements can be made.


Resource allocation and resource redirection requests are made through the annual resource allocation process.

  • All resource requests (personnel, B-budget, facilities, technology, equipment) are forwarded to and prioritized by the appropriate academic, administrative or student services division or by the subcommittee for prioritization of committee plans.
  • All programs and services must first participate in the program review process that includes annual updates and summaries of program data.
  • Program review and program review updates, Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment, and related supporting data will be reviewed as part of each resource request.

Our Charge

The Integrated Planning and Budgeting Process (IP&B) Task Force was given a new charge at the end of the 2017-2018 year. PaRC has asked IP&B to focus on the following tasks:

Redesign of Program Review

Outline a proposal for a process to develop new program review guidelines for implementation 2019-20, including suggestions for a purpose, process, and templates. The proposal would go the new governance Council.

Program Elimination for Budget Reduction

Develop a proposal to the new governance Council for determining program discontinuance necessary to meet targets for budget savings.

  • The proposal may include criteria, the rationale for their inclusion, as well as suggestions for a process of review.
  • The new governance Council may utilize the proposal as a foundation for its consideration or reject in part or in whole the proposal.
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IP&B Task Force


Resource Allocation Process

Download the PDF Diagram

Resource Allocation Process Diagram