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Disbursement Dates

Important Information

  • If your application is complete prior to start of term, please refer to the Disbursement Dates listed below.

  • If your application is complete after the start of term, funds will disburse the following Monday.

  • All funds disburse on Monday and reach your BankMobile Card by Friday.

  • In case of adding/dropping units after a disbursement of funds, amount paid may be adjusted accordingly. In some cases reversal of a disbursement may occur.

  • To check status of your Financial Aid application or disbursement, please go to your MyPortal account.

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Disbursement Dates

Pell Grant

  • Summer 2018: July 9
  • Fall 2018: 1st disbursement: Sept. 24, 2nd disbursement: Nov. 5
  • Winter 2019: 1st disbursement: Jan. 7, 2nd disbursement: Feb. 15  (NOTE: The Feb. 15 disbursement date is subject to change due to the holiday weekend.)
  • Spring 2019: 1st disbursement: April 8, 2nd disbursement: May 20

SEOG, EOPS Grant and Care Grant

  • Fall 2018: Nov. 5
  • Winter 2019: Feb. 15   (NOTE: The Feb. 15 disbursement date is subject to change due to the holiday weekend.)
  • Spring 2019: May 20


  • Fall 2018: Sept. 24
  • Winter 2019: Jan. 7
  • Spring 2019: April 8

Cal Grant

  • Fall 2018: Oct. 8
  • Winter 2019: Jan. 21
  • Spring 2019: April 22

Direct Loans

  • Summer 2018: July 9*
  • Fall 2018: Sept. 24*
  • Winter 2019: Jan. 7*
  • Spring 2019: April 8*


*Due to a federal mandate, all first-year, first-time Direct Loan borrowers at Foothill will be subject to a loan disbursement delay of 30 days from the start of the quarter when receiving their first loan disbursement.



  • Most scholarships are paid in lump sum of total amount upon verification of enrollment (in at least 6 units, unless scholarship states differently) or verification of transfer.


  • On the 15th of every month after online time sheet is approved.
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