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On Campus

For Students
Psychological Services and Personal Counseling

The office of Psychological Services and Personal Counseling serves Foothill students with current enrollment. We provide brief therapy, crisis intervention, outreach and prevention services. Information and referral to both on and off campus resources are an integral part of what we do.

Students referred to us by Foothill’s BIT Team or Judicial Affairs may be provided an initial screening, crisis intervention or brief treatment services.  When clinically indicated they will be assisted with an off campus referral for further assessment and evaluation as needed.  

Psychological Services is not a 24-hour,  full service clinic. For life-threatening emergencies, call 911.  

Off Campus

For Students

Sometimes students have needs that cannot be provided on-campus. There are, however, agencies in the community that provide mental health services and other resources to students.

Foothill’s Office of Psychological Service and Personal Counseling can assist students with these referrals as mentioned.  Each agency has an intake procedure for new clients that may include a brief phone conversation and completion of paperwork before the first session. Prior to the first appointment, students should inquire about fees and the availability of a sliding fee scale for financial hardships. 

Students may also wish to access the 24-hour Santa Clara Information and Referral Services number by calling 211 or 866.896.3587.  They can also connect you to additional resources in adjoining counties.

If students have been asked to provide verification of assessment/treatment visits/outcomes, and choose to comply, they must sign consent to release and exchange information between their treatment provider and the BIT Team or Judicial Affairs officer. 

For Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff may choose to access FHDA Employees Assistance Program (Optum Health) or an off-campus provider of their personal choosing.  Employees are eligible for 5 in-person visits with a professional counselor at no cost.  For  more details visit the FHDA District website

If you wish to use the district’s employee assistance program visit or call 866.248.4105.

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