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Field Program Scholarships

More Than $10,000 Available for Field Study Trips This Year

Three different scholarship opportunities (two separate application processes) are available this year for new and returning participants in our 2024 Anthropology field programs in Hawaii & Ireland.

The Foothill College President, the Associated Students of Foothill College and the Foothill Anthropology Department have joined forces to provide more than $10,000 in scholarship funds.

Application Process

You are encouraged to apply for all scholarship opportunities for which you are eligible.

See eligibility and instructions for the three scholarship applications listed below.

Scholarship applications will be reviewed by an independent committee, and awards will be communicated prior to the final payment deadline for the two program

The generous scholarship fund was made possible through joined forces of the Foothill College President, the Associated Students of Foothill College and the Foothill Anthropology Department.



For All 2024 Applicants [use this]

 ASFC & Foothill Anthropology Scholarships for New and Returning Students

All California field school applicants (new and returning) are eligible to apply for these scholarships.

Scholarship recipients will receive $500 to $1000 to cover participant fees to the program of your choice.

Scholarship awards will be disbursed directly to the student.


To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants:

  1. Must have submitted an application to the Foothill Anthropology California field program (Applications can be found by visiting the Foothill Anthropology Field Programs website.)
  2. Must be a member of ASFC (have demonstrated purchase of an OWL card), and be enrolled in the minimum number of Summer 2022 units required for participation in their chosen field program(s) at the time of disbursement of scholarship funds.


  1. Fill out the Internal Department of Anthropology Scholarship Application that is sent directly to you by Prof Connell.
  2. Return by email or mail before the deadline to the following email.

Samuel Connell
Department of Anthropology, Foothill College



Need assistance filling out the scholarship applications?

  • Stop by the Foothill Center for Applied Anthropology (Room 3102) between 10 a.m–2 p.m. on Monday-Thursday.
  • Contact professor Sam Connell at connellsamuel@foothill.edu.
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