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Student Employment Opportunities

Inter Club Council (ICC) Government Assistant

Department: Student Activities Office


Job Description

  • Scribe and post/distribute accurate agendas and minutes during all weekly Tuesday 4pm ICC meetings (if the volunteer student leader ICC Secretary is not available)
  • Be knowledgeable/trainable to follow Brown Act & Parliamentary Procedure/Robert's Rules of Order
  • Set up, breakdown and promote the ICC meetings
  • Be teachable/knowledgeable, recruit for and follow service leadership, purpose-driven and transformational leadership lifestyles that are walked out through ICC
  • Help the ICC VP and ICC advisor maintain order, decorum, respect and continuity during the ICC Club Government meetings
  • Setup zoom meetings
  • Help update ICC Club Leaders & Advisors Handbook
  • Make all official ICC documents, agendas (posted 72 hours in advance) and minutes available to the student body, via online and on Board docs., the Club Hub Board and in public Campus Center display cases
  • Maintain ASFC/ICC Office and serve as the ICC/ASFC/Student Activities Office greeter by welcoming walk-in students and answering emails, setting up meetings/zooms.
  • Maintain ICC club files
  • Maintain
  • Assist clubs with events/meeting needs
  • Assist with quarterly Club Day planning and promotions
  • Assist with Club of the Year process
  • Explain, promote and recruit for ICC clubs, cultural, political, social etc. events
  • Create templates, forms, surveys and spreadsheets
  • Assist with ICC documentation and archives
  • Order supplies for ICC Board/clubs
  • Keep list of club items that are property of ICC/clubs
  • Help maintain safety, order and health in the Club Center, Campus Center
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor Student Activities Specialist who is also ICC Advisor (below current list of duties in working relationships section)
  • Other duties as assigned by ICC VP

Preferred Experience/Skills:

  • Power skills
  • Friendliness and flexibility
  • Passion and compliassion
  • Set up and understand Zoom conference/meetings platform
  • Customer service
  • Cultural Competency
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Club knowledge
  • Student government knowledge
  • Clerical experience
  • Event coordinating
  • Word processing skills
  • Organized and efficient
  • Knowledgeable of Excel and Microsoft Word

Working Relationships:

  • Clubs-helping with club communication, continuity, event calendar and updating and posting club list, setting up and being at general ICC club recruitment booths, making club presentations, power points and speeches
  • ICC Reps.-creating and posting mins. and agendas (within 72 hours of meeting) for ICC meetings
  • Student-at-large population/interested students who come into the ASFC/Student Activities/ICC Office looking for help, advice, and answers about clubs/general
  • Club advisors-help ICC advisor organize Advisor Lunch & Learn Workshop
  • Student Activities Office-Leadership Director/Instructor-help promote class to ICC
  • Student Activities Office-Student Accounts Manager-to sign ICC Fund Request Forms/Activity Petitions, monthly ICC and club account balances list, finance form updates, reimbursements, etc.
  • Student Affairs Office Secretary-to book ICC meetings/events and pre-approved club event venues
  • ASFC President-help answer general ASFC questions, recruit for ASFC, as needed
  • ASFC VPs-to them promote all events/programs/services, promote club collaboration to them, ICC Reps. sign up to be at Activities Board/Senate Board Week of Welcome (WOW!) Booths
  • ASFC Appointed/Elected Officers- to collaborate on events where clubs can collaborate/clubs/ICC p.r. reps. need to know as gatekeepers
  • ASFC Smart Shop-for club name badges and ICC Rep. enrollment verification, copies
  • ASFC Design Center-for club name plates, ICC Handbook updates, Club Day fliers, banners, etc.
  • Facilities Office-for club meeting rooms that are pre-approved by Student Activities Specialist


Salary: $17 per hour (negotiable depending on experience)

Hours: 19 hours maximum per week

Duration: Summer/Fall - Spring (consistency is ideal when possible, but family first, classes and health are priority)

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