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    Election: Foothill College Student Trustee

    Candidate Ballot Category: Trustee

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  • Harini Nagappan

    Harini Nagappan   Candidate's Statement: I currently serve as a Program Liaison on the Senate board, and as the Foothill Delegate for Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) Foothill Delegate, I voted on resolutions representing Foothill's 13,000+ student body at the state level, giving me invaluable exposure to the critical issues faced by community colleges. I'm firmly committed to amplifying the student voice and ensuring it's listened to. If elected, I'll advocate for the development of affordable on-campus housing by 2026, the fulfillment of basic needs, and the promotion of equitable representation.

  • Zara Ainge

    Zara Ainge   Candidate's Statement: Hi! I'm a Chemistry student at Foothill College and Heritage Month Coordinator in the ASFC. As Foothill's Blood Drive Coordinator and founding President of the Asian American Association with 100+ members, I understand the importance of being a leader and uplifting student voices. My focus is on improving our campus through equality in class registration and counseling accessibility. I vow to enhance networking and internship opportunities for STEM, social science, and business/finance majors, combatting stigma against community college students. With your support, I promise to create a more diverse, inclusive, and uplifting environment for all Foothill students.