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    Foothill College Student Trustee Vote for your 2024-25 Foothill College Student Trustee

  • Harini Nagappan

    Harini Nagappan   I currently serve as a Program Liaison on the Senate board, and as the Foothill Delegate for Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) Foothill Delegate, I voted on resolutions representing Foothill's 13,000+ student body at the state level, giving me invaluable exposure to the critical issues faced by community colleges. I'm firmly committed to amplifying the student voice and ensuring it's listened to. If elected, I'll advocate for the development of affordable on-campus housing by 2026, the fulfillment of basic needs, and the promotion of equitable representation.

  • Zara Ainge

    Zara Ainge   Hi! I'm a Chemistry student at Foothill College and Heritage Month Coordinator in the ASFC. As Foothill's Blood Drive Coordinator and founding President of the Asian American Association with 100+ members, I understand the importance of being a leader and uplifting student voices. My focus is on improving our campus through equality in class registration and counseling accessibility. I vow to enhance networking and internship opportunities for STEM, social science, and business/finance majors, combatting stigma against community college students. With your support, I promise to create a more diverse, inclusive, and uplifting environment for all Foothill students.

  • ASFC President Vote for your 2024-25 ASFC President

  • Paulo Verzosa

    Paulo Verzosa   Hi! I'm Paulo, current VP of the Inter-Club Council. I'm running for President because I know there's still so much we can do to improve the student experience at Foothill. It starts with the basics - more free food/events on campus, extended hours for our cafeteria and the gym, better support for our clubs, and enhancing student spaces for equity and inclusion. I believe challenges often evolve over time, so I aim to continue my ICC practice of being open and approachable to students in order to advocate for the changes that matter to them. Let's make it happen!

  • Jeffery Thomas

    Jeffery Thomas   I aspire to encourage students to share their goals, dreams, and concerns as active participants in our community. I am driven and motivated to advocate for students in a way that leads to meaningful action of our student body and administration. I am a leader in numerous clubs, campus committees, and statewide organizations. I value community, fostering an equitable student body, and upholding the dignity of students from all socioeconomic backgrounds, beliefs, and age groups. I look forward to my work with the 2024 to 2025 campus council, prioritizing student success, accessibility, access to basic needs, and more.

  • ASFC VP of Activities Vote for your 2024-25 VP of Activities

  • Shahana Shaik

    Shahana Shaik   Hello :) My name is Shahana Shaik. I'm a first year at Foothill majoring in Kinesiology and Sports medicine. I am currently one of the Heritage Month Coordinator for ASFC and experiencing the process of planning and organizing the events at Foothill for the past months encouraged me to run for this position. These experiences have created a profound sense of belonging and community in me, inspiring me to serve as VP of Student Activities. I'm dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere at Foothill where each person feels recognized and included. Let's work together to create an encouraging environment where every student feels welcomed.

  • ASFC VP of Finance Vote for your 2024-25 ASFC VP of Finance

  • Sky Weir

    Sky Weir   Hi everyone, Sky Weir. My manifesto: Inclusion, Growth, Student success. I'm excited to be Vice President of Finance of ASFC, making 2024/25 a great year for everyone. I love nature, exploring new countries, immersing myself in different cultures. On the 2023/24 finance committee I helped improve cultural awareness, supported all student activities, and enhanced Foothill for everyone by allocating resources based on listening closely to all feedback. I run a $1M turnover business and love working with diverse teams, handling numbers, budgets, and making finance a great tool for success. The Sky's the limit! Go Owls!

  • Rudraraj Singh Sisodia

    Rudraraj Singh Sisodia   My aim is to make sure that there is fiscal responsibility within Foothill's Financing and that there is efficiency in managing the schools budget. I'd like to state that I'm more than qualified to take on this role as my junior year of high school i was the class treasurer and also the international director for Rotary Foundation in senior year which helped in my major deals with the managing of money. I'm studying accounting and economics which requires me to understand money as well as account for it. I will make sure to allocate money where it needs to be allocated and that there is enough money to expend on remarkable events all throughout the school year. My goal is to make your Foothill experience the best!

  • ASFC VP of ICC Vote for your 2024-25 VP of ICC

  • Kieran Rege

    Kieran Rege   My name's Kieran Rege and I'm so excited to run for Vice President of the Inter-Club Council! As a non-traditional student who often wondered whether I could foster connections despite differing in life experiences, I can attribute the community I've felt in every class, club I've liaised for, and deliberating committee I've worked with to the unwavering support of peers who simultaneously never gave up on me and expected my best. I learned from this professionalism that belonging comes from leveraging your unique background to serve others, and hope to reciprocate by empowering our student clubs' cornucopia of ambitions!

  • ASFC VP of Administration Vote for your 2024-25 VP of Administration

  • Vaibhavi Kulkarni

    Vaibhavi Kulkarni   Hello, I'm Vaibhavi a first-year Data Science student. I am currently a part of the ICC as a Marketing Agent and contributed to organizing Club Day for the spring quarter. I am also involved with my Foothill community through being a part of the Women's Badminton team, a tutor for Pass the Torch, a section leader for the CS 49 course, an officer of the Women in STEM club, and last but not least, I am also a Research Reporter for the Principia magazine. I would be honored, if given the opportunity, to serve the Foothill student body as the VP of Administration.

  • ASFC VP of ICC Vote for your 2024-25 VP of ICC

  • Liliana Arya Gordon

    Liliana Arya Gordon   My name is Arya and I am currently the ICC representative and Vice President for Kasama: Filipino Culture Club, ICC representative and Vice President for the GSA, co-financial officer for psychology, and ICC rep for the Anthropology Club. I hope to bring the same focus and energy I bring to help these communities to the greater Foothill Club community. I want to work with club leadership and the different communities present to create better events and a healthy community for foothill students to thrive. I also will work with Heritage Month groups to create a community.

  • ASFC VP of Administration Vote for your 2024-25 VP of Administration

  • Hannah Shong

    Hannah Shong   Hi, I'm Hannah! Serving as President of the Foothill Book Club, ICC Representative, PTT tutor, and part of the Honor's Institute this year has allowed me to understand the importance of community, self-advocacy, and support at Foothill. My aim is to ensure that all resources - whether it's clubs, events, programs, or the Owl Cards - are easily accessible for your benefit, so that YOU have the infrastructure and opportunity necessary to find your community and personal success here. Vote for me as VP of Administration, and I'll work alongside ASFC officers to make your voices heard and these commitments a reality.

  • ASFC VP of ICC Vote for your 2024-25 VP of ICC

  • Joshua Chin

    Joshua Chin   Hi, I'm Joshua, a current agent of ICC. I'm running for VP of ICC because I want to continue the work done this year of giving clubs more freedom and expanding interest among students. As the current VP for AAA, an officer of BEC, as well as a member among other clubs, I hope to use my skills, knowledge, and involvement to further the connection between clubs, student government, and more importantly, students. My goal is to get people involved. Let's give reasons for people to want to be on campus, and make next year even better than the last.

  • ASFC VP of Administration Vote for your 2024-25 VP of Administration

  • Jolina Rodriguez

    Jolina Rodriguez   Hello, my name is Jolina Rodriguez and I am running to be your Vice President of Administration. I am serving the Foothill Community as a Student Ambassador at the Owls Nest and ASFC Welcome Center. I have experience in leadership, public speaking, accounting, and customer service. Knowing how crucial a welcoming and supporting campus community is, I will improve campus resources, improve administrative procedures, and support programs that cater to the needs of fellow students. I'll see to it that my fellow ASFC members have access to resources so that we may achieve all of our goals.

  • Caitlin Sredanovich

    Caitlin Sredanovich   My name is Caitlin Sredanovich and I am running for VP of Administration! I am currently a Business Administration major and working on transferring. In my role as VP of Administration, I will make sure to listen to student voices and recommend ASFC Campus Council policies to effectively implement, develop and coordinate ASFC activities and programs. I want to make Foothill College a more open and easily accessible place for new and current students. By expressing my voice, I hope to improve Foothill to the best of my abilities, and bring happiness and enjoyment to the school year.

  • Mokshitaa Dhamotharan

    Mokshitaa Dhamotharan   Hello! My name is Mokshi Dhamotharan. I'm currently a first-year biology major at Foothill. Since first quarter, I've been involved with clubs on campus and this has had a positive impact on my experiences at this college in fostering an engaging environment for me. This inspired me to become more involved during my next year here by running for this position. I want to promote a further sense of community on campus and make it more accessible for students to get involved with all of the events that take place and be able to voice the opinions of the students.

  • ASFC VP of Senate Vote for your 2024-25 VP of Senate

  • Eliana Randazzo Ridley

    Eliana Randazzo Ridley   My name is Eliana Randazzo and I am running for Vice President of Senate at Foothill College. I am double majoring in Sociology and Business Economics. As a member of UMOJA, I have found support in a learning community and realized how important it is to feel like you belong. As VP, I will work to create more cohort opportunities for all students to find their sense of belonging at Foothill College. I am dedicated to spreading awareness of the importance of political rights and providing the right resources to keep the Foothill community educated on important political events.

  • Sangee Nerea Prieto

    Sangee Nerea Prieto   As a candidate for Vice President of the Senate at Foothill College, I am honored to stand before you with a vision rooted in empowerment, equity, excellence, and awareness. With a background in the ASFC environment, political advocacy, and community involvement, I am dedicated to serving our diverse student body and advocating for their needs. These include and are not limited to amplifying student voices, fostering inclusivity and diversity, strengthening community engagement, and promoting political advocacy and awareness. Together, let's work towards a future where every student has the opportunity to thrive and succeed. I humbly request your vote.

  • ASFC Senator Vote for your 2024-25 ASFC Senators (vote for 6)

    Vote limit: 6

  • Rani Zhao

    Rani Zhao   Hello fellow students, My name is Rani and I am excited to run for one of the senator positions in ASFC. As a current appointed member, I have gained valuable experience and insights into our student government. I believe my experience has equipped me with the skills to effectively advocate for all student needs. If elected, I am dedicated to spreading political awareness, which is especially crucial during this election year, and plan on building a senator project centered around either mentorship, community building, or sustainability on campus, with the specific theme to be determined by our collective priorities.

  • Michelle Tiburcio

    Michelle Tiburcio   As a first-generation Latinx student, with experience with government-related activities, I am committed to amplifying student voices fostering inclusivity, and advocating for transparency, equity, and innovation. Your concerns are my priorities, and I'm dedicated to representing you with integrity and passion.

  • Noor Parak

    Noor Parak   Hi my name is Noor, and I am running to be one of your ASFC senators for the upcoming school year. I am currently the secretary for the activities board on ASFC, where we planned events for the student body, including events such as the winter ball which had 250+ students in attendance! My leadership skills and involvement in ASFC and other extracurricular activities makes me a strong candidate for this position. With your vote, my goal as senator is to help foster an inclusive environment, improve access to resources on campus, and represent all students while making informed decisions.

  • Laila Obando

    Laila Obando   Hi, my name is Laila Obando and I'm running for ASFC Senator because I'm invested in creating a more inclusive and involved community here at Foothill. I've had previous experience in a leadership role as the Senior Class President during high school, and believe that I possess the ability to instill positive change as a Senator during my remaining time at Foothill. I personally think that the community here at Foothill is kind and welcoming, and as a Senator, I would commit to making sure that everyone feels the same way about the community as I do.

  • Thandar Nyunt

    Thandar Nyunt   An engaging and active international student from Myanmar(Burma) who has worked as a volunteer since 14. As an international student who studied at De Anza for winter quarter and worked as an intern for DASG's administration committe, I have seen a lot of difficulties students are facing lately. When I become a senator of ASFC, I want to use my voice in helping students and encouraging making changes in aspects we all need. Your one vote can change your college life!

  • Ryann Mejia-Gonzales

    Ryann Mejia-Gonzales   As an active member of this campus' community, I want nothing more than to make Foothill a positive and safe place for students off all kinds to come learn at. Therefore as an ASFC senator, I plan to use my role as a way to advocate for what the students want, and use my voice as a vessel for those who are often unheard. If elected, I'd make sure to listen to the wants and needs of the Foothill community, and not just move forth with my own personal opinions on any topic. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Nathaniel Alexander Lee

    Nathaniel Alexander Lee   My name is Nathaniel Lee and I was born in Hong Kong, SAR. I moved to the Bay Area when I was 10 years old and attended Phillips Exeter Academy for high school where I was a member of the student council and co-founder of Hong Kong club. I am passionate about my community, helping those around me, and I enjoy learning from others. If selected as a Senator for ASFC, I would use my skills of communication and cultural sensitivity to better understand the wants and needs of Foothill College students.

  • Vivian Hanna

    Vivian Hanna   My name is Vivian and I am running to be one of your ASFC Senators! As a multidisciplinary artist and Photography Editor of the Foothill Script, I will use my creative problem-solving and critical analysis skills to help Foothill progress as an institution, for its students. As a sociology major, diversity of perspectives and opinions is very important to me, and I offer my voice to represent our student body and encourage you to communicate any of your needs, questions, or suggestions to me about anything at all and how we can make Foothill better for you! Thank you!

  • Annum Hashmi

    Annum Hashmi   This past year, I served as Specialty Program Liaison on the Senate Board, where I gained an understanding of the Senator position and the value of Senator projects. Through my role, I've helped coordinate volunteer efforts and collaborated with Senators to organize impactful events like the Political Awareness Event. I also researched challenges students face, such as a lack of affordable housing, and advocated for these student rights at the state capitol while representing California Community Colleges. If elected as Senator, I'll leverage my Senate Board experience to lead an innovative project that uncovers and meaningfully addresses student needs.

  • Shams Alwan

    Shams Alwan   I'm determined to improve our campus and implement student-driven upgrades that have lasting impacts, benefiting future owls. I'm already involved in a couple of clubs around here, for self-enrichment as well as making changes around school, and I'd be honored to use this opportunity in ASFC to do more work from the inside. Student voices and feedback are a top priority, and proper representation is crucial to me! =)