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Tech retiree finds joy in horticulture program

January 16, 2019


Tom Less

When Tom Lee retired from high tech, he began a new journey at Foothill.

 “I had an interest in gardening, and knew I needed to connect with people deeply involved with horticulture to become a more skilled gardener,” Tom said.

 He entered Foothill’s horticulture program after doing some research about programs in the area. For Tom, entering formal education was daunting as it had been decades since he was last in a classroom.

 “Any hesitancy on my part about attending horticulture classes was dismissed quickly,” Tom said. “The students come from diverse backgrounds, and they warmly accepted me as a fellow student.”

 Tom said his time in the program was a remarkable experience. He said his teachers brought in professionals in the field to help students understand subject material the program explains what a student can do with their new skills – from design, installation, maintenance, arboriculture, irrigation, and construction.

 “The program provides to the student the fundamentals to pursue any of these disciplines,” Tom said. “Beyond all the program offering features, the Foothill Horticulture program expanded my life as a retiree. I appreciate more fully how plants live in harmony with other aspects of nature to make for a living planet.”