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Digital Marketing Certificate Program Enters Second Year

August 10, 2021

digital marketing certificateToday, Foothill College announced that it will launch its highly successful program in Digital Marketing for the second year providing a student pathway to technical skills in high demand with the industry. In partnership with Pathstream, a digital learning platform and content provider, Foothill’s Digital Marketing Certificate program is providing students with training in the current tools and strategies used by high-tech companies. With top-of-the-line training in the constantly evolving field of digital marketing, Foothill digital marketing students graduate prepared for employment and are poised to take advantage of the projected 10% growth in marketing jobs. 

“Our partnership with Pathstream has enabled Foothill to offer a dynamic series of project-based courses in digital marketing, that give students access to the marketing platforms used by industry leaders such as Facebook and Google,” said marketing professor Natasha Mancuso, currently serving as Interim Dean of Business and Social Sciences at Foothill College.

With its partnership with Foothill College, Pathstream is expanding on its mission of creating the most accessible and effective career pathways to jobs in the modern economy. “Digital skills are required for most of the highest-demand careers, yet most students graduate without them. We aim to fill this gap, ensuring that all job seekers can gain access to good jobs,” said Eleanor Cooper, CEO of Pathstream.

Pathstream partners with top tech companies, such as Facebook, Salesforce, Tableau, and Asana to offer online certificate programs that prepare adult learners and recent high school graduates for in-demand jobs. The dynamic nature of its platform that includes hands-on projects, expert-sourced contributions, and just-in-time updated content makes it unique and appealing for students desiring to advance their careers or start a business. 

“I have had such an incredible and welcoming learning experience with the Foothill Digital Marketing Certificate program and Pathstream platform,” said Leslie Gates, a Foothill College student and a recipient of the Certificate of Achievement in Digital Marketing. “The Pathstream platform is extremely user-friendly, visually pleasing, and provides professional videos, an excellent curriculum, and many modules and practice projects to help students soar in their understanding of new digital marketing concepts and processes.”

Read how Foothill student Brilynn Rakes transformed from a professional ballerina into a digital marketer and disability rights advocate after completing the Facebook Digital Marketing Certificate program. Story via Medium

The Foothill Digital Marketing certificate is a 25-quarter unit certificate involving six core courses: 

Principles of Marketing (BUSI 59); 

Advertising (BUSI 57); 

Web Marketing (BUSI 59A); 

Marketing Content Strategy and Branding (BUSI 59C); 

Marketing Analytics and Performance Optimization (BUSI 59D); 

and Email Marketing (BUSI 59E). 

Students can begin the pathway this Fall Quarter at Foothill College, which begins Sept. 20, by enrolling in the following courses:

Business 59 Principles of Marketing, with Instructor Nick Tuttle

Business 59A, Web Marketing, with Instructor Natasha Mancuso

Business 59C, Content and Branding, with Instructor Julianne Perry

The entire program can be completed in one year.