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The Human Library

What's Your Story?

woman in jibhadEach spring since 2016, we ask students, faculty, staff, and community members this question to create a “library” of individuals willing to share their stories with the Foothill campus.

Based on the philosophy of international organization The Human Library, our Foothill Human Library is designed to break through stereotypes, establish connections, and deepen our appreciation for each other, so that we can break silos and build our campus and district communities.

District Opening Day 2018

In this two-hour session, we will ask workshop participants the same question, as we seek to learn the real stories that make up the lives of the individuals we work with and pass by every day.

We will practice developing our own stories, creating meaningful questions, and engaging in active listening: all critical components of an equity mindset.

We will use the Story Corps app on our phones to record, post and tag some of these dialogues as part of our online presence: #IAmFoothill, #IAmDeAnza, or #IAmFHDA.

We want to broadcast our stories to our larger community to let them know what it means to be part of this amazing district.

Presenters: Allison Herman, English Instructor, and Scott Lankford, English Instructor

Spring 2018 Reading Gallery

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