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Most Foothill College instruction and services will remain virtual through Winter and Spring 2021. Campus events will be offered virtually, including Zoom and/or phone. Please see each event for specifics.

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La Musica Y Nuestros Ancestros

Sponsored by ASFC


October 07, 2020

12-1 p.m.


Archive Story


The calling on, singing to, and honoring of the ancestors is a practice shared by the Native American and African based cultures that comprise the great complex of what are now known as "Latin" cultures. From the Mexica Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico, to the Yoruban religions of Ifa in Cuba (so-called Santeria) and Candomble in Brazil; and the various Latin American Catholic mixtures with these cultures; We, as colonized and Hispanicized people of mixed Indian, African, and Spanish ancestry, belong to cultures that are held up by our ancestors, even if we have lost some of our connection to them.

Miguel González and Wanda Cuesta--who have worked together over the years to bring Afro-Indigenous awareness to the Latinx community--will lead participants through a musical invocation of our ancestors with libations, drums, singing, Gaitas (Indigenous Colombian flute), chanting, dancing, and poetry from Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. They will talk about Cumbia as the quintessential mixture of Indigenous, African, and Spanish cultures, and the influence of Indigenous and African cultures on the "Latino" world.

Wanda Cuesta is a vegan chef, singer, and entrepreneur from Cuba, now based in Oakland. Miguel González is a music educator, poet, entrepreneur, and songwriter.

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