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Campus Abroad Program

Teach English Virtually for a Lifetime Experience

Students Teaching Students in Guatemala

Service Leadership Scholarship Opportunity

Apply to teach English to students in Antigua, Guatemala in Winter (virtually) and Spring (travel restrictions permitting) 2022

Participants will take classes online and virtually teach students at a local school four hours each day.

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Why Study Abroad?

UNDERSTAND and appreciate other cultures as well as your own. By immersing yourself in a different culture, you can enrich your future, broaden your horizons, and come back home with new goals.

GAIN a global education. Studying abroad enables you to gain a global perspective as it provides valuable insights into how other peoples work and live.

LEARN a Foreign Language. Language study abroad provides an unparalleled opportunity for attaining fluency in a foreign language.

EXPAND your career potential. You will gain a competitive edge that future employers will recognize in a society which is becoming increasingly international in scope.

EARN academic credit. Studying abroad means a rewarding experience filled with adventures, fun and memories - all while earning college credit.

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