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Campus Abroad Program

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Visit & Volunteer in Guatemala

July 19-August  1, 2022
Cost: $2,250 (includes, housing, meals, activities, and airfare out of SFO)



Spend the week volunteering in the mountainous villages of Vuelta Grande and El Hato, where you'll support the school sites and experience what daily life is like in rural Guatemala.

Free time and evenings will be spent in the colonial tourist town of Antigua. Volunteer work on this trip will include school beautification work in Vuelta Grande as well as tutoring and helping in the classroom at a secondary school in Antigua.

Participants must enroll in Foothill's summer 1-unit Econ 54H class. Note: Summer registration begins April 25. Deadline to apply for trip is April 22.

This trip is offered in partnership with Dream Volunteers. Questions? Contact Brian Evans at

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Why Study Abroad?

UNDERSTAND and appreciate other cultures as well as your own. By immersing yourself in a different culture, you can enrich your future, broaden your horizons, and come back home with new goals.

GAIN a global education. Studying abroad enables you to gain a global perspective as it provides valuable insights into how other peoples work and live.

LEARN a Foreign Language. Language study abroad provides an unparalleled opportunity for attaining fluency in a foreign language.

EXPAND your career potential. You will gain a competitive edge that future employers will recognize in a society which is becoming increasingly international in scope.

EARN academic credit. Studying abroad means a rewarding experience filled with adventures, fun and memories - all while earning college credit.

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