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Rachel Westlake

rachel westlakeRachel Westlake has been at Diablo Valley College since August 1988. After a career as a dancer, she took her first college course at City College of San Francisco, and went on to earn bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and physics and master’s in mathematics from UC Berkeley.  

Westlake started her DVC career as a math professor and taught for 17 years, then moved into a dean position in July 2005. As dean, Westlake oversaw numerous areas including math, computer science, business administration, culinary, and for a brief stint, physical education, athletics, and dance.  She has been serving as Vice President of Instruction since October 2013. 

Over her time at DVC, Westlake has provided leadership to move the college from a teaching to a learning institution, with a focus on providing excellence for both traditional and non-traditional students.  She is deeply committed to the community college role in providing opportunity to students from under-served communities. 

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