About Course Information

Course Information may be found on the Online Learning Wikispaces site and is available for fully online courses only. To access it, click on the Course Info button located on the left hand side in the navigation area of this website.

Click on Course Info button
Instructions for getting detailed information about courses
  1. Click on Course Info button
  2. Select course and click for instructor's detailed information

Before or as soon as you register, please review the instructor's Online Course Information closely for information on prerequisites, required meetings, and how to access the course. Click on the course ID link for your course from the list.

Make sure to browse this information BEFORE the term starts to find out how your course is set up and what your instructor expects.

  • If there are no instructions about how to begin in your instructor's Online Course Information and you have not received any information by the first week of the term, please contact our Student Help Desk and/or contact the course instructor directly.
  • If Online Course Information shows that the instructor will use Etudes, follow the Etudes Login Instructions to find out your User ID and Password.

In the Online Course Information, you will find some or all of the following information:

  • Instructor contact information
  • Prerequisites
  • Required meetings or proctored exams
  • Textbook or learning material information
  • Course content
  • Information on exams, discussions, and grading
  • How the class will be delivered and how to access it (e.g., Etudes or another method)
Last Updated July 06, 2017
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