Learning Canvas as an Instructor

Foothill College has adopted the course management system called Canvas. To get a jump start on learning how to use Canvas an instructor follow the steps listed below.

Canvas certification is required before you may request a Canvas site. To get certified, register for the Canvas Certification course.

Step 1: Building the Foundation - The Basics

New @ONE Self-Paced Course

This course introduces you how to teach using the Canvas learning management system by Instructure. You will learn how the system works through a series of curated readings and recall what you have learned through formative quizzes. You will also be provided with an opportunity to practice what you have learned through a series of hands-on exercises focused on the subject you teach.

Learn Canvas 2016 from lynda.com

Step through the Learn Canvas 2016 video course at lynda.com to learn how Canvas works from the perspective of a teacher. The course is broken into parts with small videos that run 1 to 5 minutes and each video has a transcript. Must sign in to lynda.com to access it.

Need a lynda.com account?

'Learn Canvas 2016' - Overview (1h 55m)

Oliver Schinkten shows users how to build a teacher profile, create a class, add assignments and quizzes, and use SpeedGrader and rubrics to streamline the grading process. He also explores how to reinforce collaboration with online conversations, create a course calendar, and divide classrooms into modules.

Topics Include:
  • Setting up a teacher account and profile
  • Creating the course and syllabus
  • Adding a grading profile
  • Creating student groups
  • Using group discussions
  • Creating assignments and quizzes
  • Building test question banks
  • Exploring the grading tools (including SpeedGrader)
  • Working with modules
  • Publishing a course

Step 2: Going Deeper - Intermediate

Canvas taught an in-depth, interactive class with teachers from the OEI pilot schools. Lots of great questions are answered! It runs about 2 hours. There are techinical issues for the first 5 minutes.

Topics Include:

  • Canvas Interface: (Navigation / Profile / Recent Activity)
  • Structuring your Canvas Course: (Calendar / Syllabus / Module / Assignment Groups)
  • Creating Content: (Pages / Assignments / Discussions / Quizzes / Files)
  • Grading & Assessment: (Outcomes / Rubrics / Gradebook / Speedgrader)
  • Settings: (Navigation / Apps / Student View)
People watching movie in 3D

View the course video

  • Uses Adobe Connect
  • Read the chat pane (great questions)
  • Almost 2 hours long

Topics covered in sequential order and times are listed where they occur in the video.

  • Canvas Interface (5m)
  • Recent Activity (5m)
  • Help (7 m)
  • Profile/Notification (8m)
  • Structuring your Canvas Course (17m)
  • Best Practices in Help (18m)
  • Calendar (19m)
  • Syllabus (28m)
  • Assignment Groups (32:53m)
  • Modules (36:22m)
  • Creating Content (40:25m)
  • Create Module Items (40:45m)
  • Pages (lists, links, images, video) (44:30m)
  • Assignment (55m)
  • Rubrics (1:05:30 hr)
  • Outcomes (1:11 hr)
  • Quizzes (1:12 hr)
  • Manual Quiz Questions (1:16 hr)
  • Find Questions (Question Banks) (1:17:56 hr)
  • New Question Group (1:18:30 hr)
  • Discussions (1:19:50 hr)
  • Publish (1:24:34 hr)
  • Student View (1:25 hr)
  • Module Settings - control viewing sequence (1:28:14 hr)
  • Grading & Assessment (1:30:56 hr)
  • Gradebook (1:31:40 hr)
  • Speedgrader (1:33:36 hr)
  • Settings (Customizing) (1:40 hr)
  • Navigation (1:40:15 hr)
  • Apps (1:40:36 hr)
  • Import QTI Files (1:41:37 hr)
  • Upload and Preview Files in Pages (PDF, Excel) (1:42:46 hr)
  • Home Page Designation (1:42:50 hr)
  • Announcements (1:45:17 hr)
  • Multiple Class Sections (1:48:18 hr)

Step 3: Canvas Tours by Canvas - Specifics

Canvas Instructor Tour (45 mins)

Self-paced course contains a series of short videos designed to help instructors learn how to use Canvas. Videos may be viewed in any order.

Canvas Instructor Orientation (4 hours)

Self-paced course to become familiar with basic need-to-know tools and features to prepare for course design and delivery. There are 5 modules (total of 19 short lessons). Each module takes from 30-45 minutes to complete.


Last Updated October 10, 2017
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