TurnItIn in Canvas

Learn how to integrate and use TurnItIn in your Canvas course.

TurnItIn System Requirements

For TurnItIn to work properly, make sure your computer meets the system requirements.

Deactivate Pop-up Blockers in your browser(s)

Instructions on how to deactivate pop-up blockers for each browser

Create a TurnItIn Assignment

Add a TurnItIn "canned" message to your assignments

Canvas allows you to add a "canned" message which can be used to remind students that their submissions will be scanned through TurnItIn. To add the message:
  • Create an assignment
  • From the Submission Type, choose TurnItIn from the External Tools list
  • Click on course Settings and select the Course Details tab
  • Scroll down to the TurnItIn Comments box and add your message (located after File Storage)

TurnItIn Settings Options

From the Canvas assignment where TurnItIn has been selected, click on Settings to add the instructions for the assignment. There are additional settings under the optional settings link.
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Allow students to see their essay with comments and originality report

There are a couple of ways students will be able to view their feedback:
  • In the Canvas assignment, leave the "until" date blank.
  • Tell students to go to TurnItIn.com to view their feedback.
Last Updated December 12, 2016
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