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2013-14 Sustainable Learning Community

Focus Areas/Threads:

  • Personal Sustainability
  • Influencing Human Behavior/Interaction with the Environment
  • Environmental Racism
  • Consumerism
  • The Population Link

For a list of websites/books/videos for each of these focus areas,
visit our Resource Page.


How does the Sustainable Learning Community work?
The Sustainable Learning Community at Foothill has been designed to infuse sustainable themes into general curriculum courses.  It is a unique learning community involving a variety of different instructors and courses from across the campus.  The community identifies a theme each year, with many focus areas/threads chosen from that theme.  Last year, the learning community focused on energy, with subtopics that included renewables, innovations, energy efficiency and energy policy. 

Instructors choose individually how they wish to integrate the theme or specific focus areas into their courses.   These might include having a unit built around a specific focus, an individual project, or include readings related to water.  It may be a major or minor part of the class.  Some classes may end up collaborating together on a project.  A large group activity is also planned where all classes will be invited to participate.

What’s in it for Students?  By including one or more of these learning community courses, students will be exposed to new perspectives on the environmental, political and social aspects related to the sustainable theme.  Each theme is also tied to global issues, which will help students to frame their thinking from this larger worldview.  There will also be yearlong opportunities for participation and applied learning on campus related to our theme, including movies, events, and the Emerald Campus lecture series.

Watch for special events on campus this year!!

To find resources from previous Sustainable Learning Communities on WATER, FOOD and ENERGY,
please visit the resource archives page.

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