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Online learning refers to courses and programs offered via the internet. The main difference between online and traditional courses is the delivery format--not the content. Online courses go through the same rigorous curriculum process established by institutions, and they are taught by experienced, qualified instructors. Here are a few highlights of online learning:

  • Online learning offers flexibility and convenience for adult learners. You may access the course from a computer with an internet connection 24 hours a day, seven days a week from home, work, a college campus facility, or public library.
  • There are weekly deadlines and assignments, but there are no live classes to attend or mandatory real-time chat sessions to participate in. Instead, lectures, course assignments, quizzes, and discussions all take place online at your convenience.
  • Except for taking the quizzes and turning in the assignments when they are due, your schedule is up to you. You must commit to certain time blocks to do your work.

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This orientation was originally developed by Vivie Sinou as part of a grant from the Chancellor's Office, CA, 1999-00, and was adapted for Foothill College. The pages were designed with ideas from Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction, Illinois Online Network, and input from members of the California Community College Distance Learning Consortium.

Last Updated September 12, 2014
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