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Map of GermanyThis page functions as the gateway to the description and background information of your character. Please click on your character's name to find out more about him/her. Additionally, you are introduced to your fellow discussion group members. Please do not read the long descriptions of the other characters.

Marcus Entenmann, a 30-year-old former border guard from Leipzig. Mr. Entenmann did not choose his career, but through certain circumstances found himself in that position. Mr. Entenmann did his job efficiently and was awarded a medal for exceptional service. Not a hard-line SED socialist, but Mr. Entenmann is convinced that not everything in the GDR was bad.

Thomas Ganser, a 32-year-old member of the Liberal Democratic Party (junior party in Kohl's coalition government). Mr. Ganser's family is wealthy and possesses various factories near Frankfurt. Believes that any money spent on the military is wasted money. His uncle in the East was killed trying to cross the border to West Germany.

Anna Schönhausen, a 45-year-old writer from Berlin who was forced to leave East Germany against her wishes. Ms Schönhausen was expelled from East Germany since she had become too critical of the system, and her writing was considered too subversive for publication. Ms. Schönhausen's books and TV scripts have been highly successful in the West. She is amazed by the rapid changes yet does not believe in the historical necessity for a united Germany.

Gregor Fuchs, a 51-year-old member of the former SED establishment from Berlin. Dr. Fuchs was the long time president of East Germany's most prestigious university and son of famous German communists. Dr. Fuchs published many scientific papers and traveled to the West. Convinced that capitalism is inherently unfair, Dr. Fuchs believes that GDR-style socialism is a better way of realizing social justice.

Klaus E. Witz, a 52-year-old general in the Bundeswehr from Hamburg. General Witz is the representative of West Germany's military. General Witz was born in Berlin and lived through the Berlin airlift and the building of the Wall. Even though General Witz is deeply distrustful of communists and socialists, he has a reputation for being well-informed and fair.

Rosa Franke, a 51-year-old elementary school teacher from Berlin. Ms. Franke's parents were Nazi resistance fighters and chose to live in East Germany after the end of World War II. After an affair with a West German colleague, Ms. Franke became an informer for the Stasi (Internal State Security). Ms. Franke feels that unification has been a mistake.

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