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navigation imagenavigation areanavigation areanavigation areaI. What is the German Unification Case Study?

German WallThe purpose of this case study is to jointly resolve particular issues surrounding German unification. Each participant assumes a German character and takes part in a roundtable discussion. There are two discussion groups, each dealing with separate, yet interconnected issues. Each group has a mixture of East and West Germans. The first group focuses on social issues such as abortion rights, child care and housing rights. The second group deals with issues surrounding the military, border guards and environmental protection. By assuming the identity of a German character and participating in a discussion group, you will experience the challenges which Germans faced in the process of uniting two countries under vastly different political systems. This Web site and its links will help you to explore your character's background and the individual as well as national issues s/he faces. During the discussion, your group's task is to forge a working relationship and to come to mutually agreed upon solutions to ethical, social and economic issues.

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