Voting FAQ
Academic Senate is conducting an election for the part-time Academic Senate seat, and a constitutional ammendment to add a second part-time senate seat. You will receive a single email from Elaine Kuo at the beginning of the election with a 'use once' link to the ballot. Full-time faculty will vote on a sengle item - to approve a second seat for a part-time representative. Part-time faculty will choose one of four candidates for the current (2 year) part-time seat, and additionally vote to approave a second part-time senate representative. If the second seat is approved, the part-time candidate with the second largest number of votes will serve a one-year term as a part-time representative.
Senate election will be open from Wednesday May 15th 2013 (8 a.m.)
to Friday May 17th (8 a.m.).
Voting instructions: All faculty will receive an email from Elaine Kuo with a 'use once' link to the full-time or part-time ballot. Your vote will be tallied immediately. .
Part-time faculty
2013 Spring Academic Senate Election
The Spring Academic Senate election will be held from 8 a.m. Tuesday 5/14/13 to 5 p.m. Wednesday 5/15/13. An email with a live link will be sent to all faculty addresses at the beginning of the election period. Part-time faculty will be choosing among four candidates:
Donna Frankel
Aaron Greene
Jamie Orr
Kathyrn Schaefers
Click on each name above to read the candidate's statement
If you have any questions regarding either the ballot language or the election process itself, please contact either your academic senate representative or one of the members of the election committee. David Marasco, Eta Lin, Bruce McLeod, and/or Don MacNeil.


Robert D. Cormia
Secretary Treasurer Academic Senate

David Marasco
Elections Committee Chair
Don MacNeil
Elections Committee

Eta Lin
Elections Committee

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