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Academic Senate is conducting an election for Part-Time Faculty Representative. You will receive an email with a 'use once' link that will take you to a secure form page. Part-time faculty will choose one of the four candidates for part-time representative, and additionally to approve a second part-time representative. Full time faculty will select yes/no tp approave the second part-time representative seat. If you have any technical difficulties, please email Elaine Kuo, Robert Cormia or David Marasco.
The Part-Time Faculty Senator shall:
  1. Be a part-time faculty member serving in a part-time senate position,
  2. Advocate for the interests of the part-time community at Foothill College and
  3. Receive a stipend of $300 per quarter.
The Academic Senate meets bi-weekly on Mondays, 2 – 4 p.m. Both positions have a two-year term of service beginning Fall 2011
Candidate statements
Donna Frankel
Thank you for electing me to represent you as your Associate Faculty Foothill Academic Senate (AS) Representative, after I successfully advocated for the first ever designated associate faculty seat on the Foothill AS in 2007. Rather than have a lock on the only seat for a Part Time (PT) representative, I chose to help groom my replacement, hoping that a second PT seat would soon be voted in. Gratefully, it's on the current ballot-with my hopes that a second seat will be voted in relying upon you, my worthy colleagues: Voting and getting out the vote.
Since leaving the Foothill AS, I kept current as a founder of the Statewide PT AS Caucus and continued my work on CPFA (California PT Faculty Association), where I attended statewide AS plenaries/conferences as their liaison, bringing the PT perspective to the Statewide Academic Senate Executive Board. Previously I served as West Valley College PT AS Representative, served five years as a Foothill PT Faculty Association (FA) Representative, with five years as the Human Performance Division--FA Liaison, and served Mission College as their ACE Union secretary (three years) and PT Representative (ten years), where among my accomplishments was obtaining six additional steps on the PT pay scale for that district.
During my terms as your representative on the Foothill AS, my projects included serving on the Foothill Scholarship and Faculty Honors Committees. I helped change the 1/2 vote PT were historically given on Foothill's AS to a full vote, then was successful in helping obtain our Foothill Faculty Lounge for those of us who don't have campus office space. As the Northern California Representative and past Director of Administration for CPFA, I've been working with a statewide committee to write a formal resolution, with the purpose of obtaining associate faculty representation on the Statewide Academic Senate.
If re-elected as your PT AS Representative during these still difficult budgetary times, there are several no cost local communication needs I hope to work on with our Academic Senate, and want PT faculty better served and connected to our college. I have listed some of my past accomplishments, but please know that furthering the respect, appreciation, inclusion and connectedness of part time faculty remains a priority for me.
Aaron Greene
Thank you for considering my bid for the position of the part-time faculty representative to the Academic Senate. My reasons for running are simple- I feel that there is an opportunity to use this leadership position to strengthen the quality of both the education and community of Foothill College. Often enough, I have heard from students that they want more of a community feel at Foothill. This may seem difficult while revising and strengthening Foothill's academics through the bureaucratic process, but there is an opportunity presenting itself. I firmly believe that there are key areas where Foothill can further its commitment to excellent learning outcomes while engaging students.
Two areas stand out in my mind- partnerships and communication. As an entrepreneur, manager, active member of my community, and consultant, I know that an opportunity exists to create new and meaningful connections for students in our community. These include well known businesses, but also with other mission driven organizations which will harness motivation and creativity within the student body. The added benefit of broader engagement with businesses and non-profits is the opportunity to investigate and implement meaningful tools to empower our students in today's academic and employment environments.
The only way to harness positive and impactful offerings for our students is through proven communication channels. We cannot expect students to take full advantage of the resources at our institution without finding out the best ways to inform them. With my experience in planning communications strategies, particularly with the college demographic, I am eager to engage students as a means of creating a greater sense of involvement in our community.
Finally, as a representative of the part-time faculty, I will endeavor to advocate for and represent the views of this critical stakeholder group. As the largest group of educators at Foothill, part-time faculty members should be engaged and informed about challenges facing our community. Leveraging my experience as a board member of a non-profit childcare center and as a consensus builder professionally, I am confident that I can access the powerful resources of this diverse group of educators to enact meaningful change. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to meet more of you at the meet-the-candidates forum.
Jamie F. Orr
Running for Foothill College Academic Senate Part-Time Faculty Representative It is with great pleasure that I am pursuing the opportunity to represent Foothill College's part-time faculty as a member of the Academic Senate. I have been teaching at Foothill for the past three years, but spent much of that time still focused upon completing my dissertation work. With that successfully behind me, I have increased my involvement at Foothill in the past year and would like to continue to do so through an active role in the Academic Senate. I strongly support an expanded voice for part-time faculty, who so often have different concerns and needs in comparison to our full-time colleagues. Our part-time faculty play a vital role on campus that includes more than delivering the high-caliber education Foothill College is known for. Part-time faculty can offer unique expertise, insight, and corporate relationships that complement and support the efforts of our colleagues in the development and success of our academic programs.
My personal record includes the following activities:
• 3 years of teaching within the PSME Division including courses in Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, & Nanotechnology
• Curriculum development:
◦ ENGR40 – Introduction to Clean Energy Technology (co-developed with FT faculty)
◦ ENGR39 – Energy, Society, and the Environment
◦ ENGR82 – Introduction to Solar Energy & Photovoltaics (part of a workforce series)
◦ ENGR/BIO28 – Introduction to BioEngineering (to be offered Spring 2014)
◦ NANO10 for high school students – will be offered at area high schools for college credit beginning in 2014
• Co-PI on an NSF Nanotechnology grant that has developed a five-course series in nanotechnology as well as research opportunities and experience for our students
• Faculty Researcher at NASA Ames Advanced Studies Laboratory (ASL), a facility shared between UCSC and NASA
• Member of the Foothill College Sustainability Steering Committee which is working to develop and connect curriculum pertaining to sustainability across campus
• Developing internship opportunities on campus through the Science Learning Institute's "Living Laboratory" project
• Board member of Sustainable Silicon Valley, a non-profit group dedicated to bringing together corporations, government entities, and academic institutions to promote sustainable practices in our community
• Voting representative for Foothill College on the Silicon Valley Leadership Group's (SVLG) Energy Committee
• Member of the Joint Venture Silicon Valley SEEDZ (Smart Energy Enterprise Development Zone) Initiative, which will include the new Foothill College Onizuka facility

I look forward to the opportunity to be a voice for all faculty and to help strengthen the Foothill College community through shared governance.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.
Jamie Orr
Phone: (650) 793-5739

Katherine Schaefers, M.A.
Over the past two years, I have been the acting Academic Senate part-time representative and am familiar with the tenuous nature of the adjunct position. Since 2008, I have taught in the Business and Social Sciences division as an adjunct in Anthropology. My decision to re-run as the part-time representative has been mainly motivated by the persistent need for a strong and politically savvy bridge between the part-time community and our college processes. As your Senator, I would continue to be this bridge, while keeping the founding principles of Foothill College and the welfare of its students in high regard.
I would also continue the Foothill College Adjunct Community Google Group, meant to act as a virtual, online community hub, a private, anonymous, forum for part-time concerns to be relayed to Senate, and also to provide an adjunct-focused newsfeed of Senate topics. This Group was created at the beginning of my term to ensure that part-time members are given the opportunity to be heard here, as well as through their respective division representatives.
As a Foothill alumnus, I am profoundly proud of my alma mater and feel privileged to have come full circle as an instructor. Foothill allowed me the financial opportunity to attend college, while supporting a burgeoning interest in Anthropology and the eventual attainment of a University of California Regents Scholarship. One of my favorite teachers, Lauren Hasten, was a part-timer. She was also one of the most passionate teachers I would encounter throughout the rest of my academic experience at Foothill and beyond. I now recognize this same energy and dedication in myself and my fellow adjuncts.
This is a critical time in the history of our institution, and part-time faculty must be prepared to keep up the work of exceptional teaching with decreased resources. In the role of your Senator, I will continue to work in partnership with full-time faculty to continue the fair assessment of program and position consolidations and eliminations, and other operating cost reductions. As a college, we must continue to hold each other accountable for developing and maintaining a culture of excellence, focused on our mission of providing outstanding educational opportunities for all of our students in the face of a persistent budget crisis. If re-elected, I promise to serve the part-time community to the best of my ability as we move forward in this task.
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