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Veterans Resource Center

If You are Called to Active Duty

Refunds & Grading Options

If you are called to military duty before completing your term of study at Foothill College, you may choose from the following options:

  • REFUND—Petition for an official withdrawal with a full refund of enrollment fees, student fees and non-resident tuition, if applicable. You’ll receive a full refund for all books and materials purchased from the college bookstore.
  • CREDIT—Petition for an official withdrawal with credit for enrollment fees, student fees and non-resident tuition, if applicable, toward future enrollment. You may later opt to receive a refund.
  • GRADE OF INCOMPLETE—Request a grade of I (Incomplete) from the instructor. Regulations require you to complete the course within one year, but you can request an extension in special circumstances.

To request forms for these services, call the Veterans Resource Center at 650.949.7001 or email


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