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n. the process of cultivating and converting company focus to create change at an organizational level.
v. delivering real results that create significant improvements in performance, production, and productivity.
Since the mid 1950s, manufacturing companies have implemented continuous improvement processes into their production lines. Today, these improvement processes have evolved to become relevant and effective in every business sector across the globe. Organizations, divisions, or individual departments take the fundamental process of “Lean Transformation” to impact everything they do to be more competitive, and deliver better products.
Done right, Lean changes organizations, delivering real results that create an evolution and transformation. So, today, the Center works with clients to create significant improvements in their organizations’ operational performance, through our Lean transformation services. We combine the core practices of Lean assessment, problem detection, Kaizen Events, Six Sigma strategies and techniques, and blend these with our consultative approach, coaching through results, and collaboration strategies to transform the way a business exceeds its goals, meets its customers expectations, and stays ahead of growth, challenges and roadblocks.
Lean Solutions The Center leverages its experience in Advanced Manufacturing Lean Process programs to apply to every company mission, production and growth goals. The advantages of a company-wide focus on lean transformation generate savings in time, effort, and money. Changing the mindset of the entire organization.
Clients experience immediate results, with a long-term impact that allows them to develop a culture capable of adapting to business challenges and changes.
Our expertise and experience in Lean processes translates into an informed strategy to impact a company mindset. Our training and technical assistance focuses on these areas of improvement:
Is effort, time and money being lost because there is not a unified approach to everything you do across your organization? The Center for Training & Solutions can help your company develop and incorporate a continuous improvement philosophy into your organization’s infrastructure to develop the process that will impact everything you do, and want to do, to build on your company’s success.
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