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n. maintaining the pace of technology advancement in today’s classrooms.
v. transforming the way teachers teach — and students learn — blending STEM curriculum with technology,
    online tools, and pedagogy.
transforming global evolution.
inspire. evolve. teach. learn.
Ed Tech Apple The Center offers a proprietary, customized training curriculum for K-14 educators worldwide. Our programs offer innovative professional development education and training for teachers and administrators with an emphasis on technology integration and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum in today’s classrooms. The curriculum is the combination of pedagogy, STEM, and technology tools and resources. The mission of these training programs is to support the diverse workforce needed to compete in a 21st Century knowledge economy.
We have delivered programs across North America, South America, and Asia. Our primary partners are the Krause Center for Innovation (KCI) at Foothill College, as well as the world’s leading independent EdTech instructors. Our programs help schools change the way teachers teach — and students learn. Within 24 hours of completing our training, teachers integrate the methodology and transform their approach to their curriculum and impact each student, in any classroom. Our cornerstone international EdTech solutions are blended programs that include customized curriculum, instructor-led training, train-the-trainer modules, online mentoring, closed web-based learning communities, and e-coaching.
Book Shelf How do you inspire education through technology? Do you need to build confidence and experience in applying technology in the classroom? The Center delivers a Teacher training program to changes the educators approach teaching, through collaboration, innovation, and transformative leadership in their classrooms.
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